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Modern-day directors go "Cruising" for the movie’s deleted sex scenes;
Texas Republicans want to "repair" gay people;
The U.N. General Assembly elects a homophobic figurehead, Malaysian
trans-women are jailed, fined and shorn, Wisconsin marrieds join the
legal limbo line, Pride promotes couples' rights in Rome, Tel Aviv and
Bucharest, a lesbian wins the Premier position in Ontario, more news

 In "NewsWrap": Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa of homophobic Uganda is 
elected to the presidency of the United Nations General Assembly, while 
Zambia's Foreign Minister Gabriel Namulambe warns diplomats to respect 
his "Christian nation's" homophobia… 17 trans-women are jailed in 
Malaysia for violating sharia law, but Denmark makes it easier for trans
 people to change the gender on their legal documents… the federal judge
 who overturned Wisconsin's ban on civil marriage for same-gender 
couples on June 6th stops their weddings a week later… 200,000 
celebrants in Rome, 100,000 in Tel Aviv, and 400 in Bucharest parade 
with Pride and demand the legal recognition of lesbian and gay 
relationships… openly lesbian KATHLEEN WYNNE is elected Ontario's first 
female leader and Canada's first out provincial premier [with an excerpt
 from her victory speech]… and more LGBT news from around the world 
(produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week

- When Texas 
Republicans included the "right" to reparative ("conversion") therapy in
 their 2014 state party platform on June 7th, it seemed as if U.S. 
politics had hit a new low. But then Republican GOVERNOR RICK PERRY – a 
possible 2016 presidential candidate – shared his own ignorance about 
homosexuality in response to questions at San Francisco's Commonwealth 
apparently marches in lockstep with Governor Perry. CNN's ANDERSON 
COOPER took a shot at "keeping him honest".

- The year was 1980, 
and LGBT visibility had just begun to slip into the mainstream. After 
Anita Bryant and before the age of AIDS, a controversial major motion 
picture featured the underground gay male S&M scene as the "dark and
 stormy night" behind a serial-killer drama. Director WILLIAM FRIEDKIN 
spoke last year about what was left on "CRUISING's" cutting room floor, 
and another filmmaker's interest in reviving those missing minutes. The 
result of that effort is called "INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR." Our STEVE PIRDE
 spoke with the film's co-director TRAVIS MATHEWS.
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