[OutVoice] Thank YOU!

RevRogerYolandaMapes rogermapes at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 09:18:01 CDT 2014

I am thankful that you keep voting my cd into the Top 20 cd chart! YAY!  Congrats to all of the artists!
I'd like to remind you that Shawn Thomas and I have recorded a duet for his July 1st release of his new cd "In Between The Shades of Gray". You can hear the preview of his new music on my radio show The Gospel Hour on KWER.fm radio. Please check out my interview with Shawn Thomas and his new music on my radio show archives here:  www.yolanda.net/gospel_hour_radio
Visit Rev.Yolanda at: www.yolanda.net
All reservations for Rev.Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour, as well as new cd Country Gospel Kirtan!

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