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The adventures of trans-activist/entertainer Calpernia Addams;
A backroom deal bans marriage equality in Slovakia, British consulates
host same-gender nuptials, Wisconsin couples rush to wed while North
Dakota's journey begins, there's a pleasant Pride surprise in Nicosia,
Puerto Rico's governor trusts a lesbian's judgment, a new generation
emerges in a California city's elections, and more global LGBT news

 In "NewsWrap": Lawmakers in Slovakia overwhelmingly vote to 
constitutionally ban marriage equality, but same-gender couples can now 
marry at British consulates in 23 countries – including Russia… a 
federal judge makes Wisconsin the latest U.S. state with an 
unconstitutional ban on civil marriage for lesbian and gay couples, 
while 7 couples challenge the ban in North Dakota, which had been the 
only state in the union without such a lawsuit… the U.S. Supreme Court 
affirms a lower court ruling that the notoriously anti-equality National
 Organization for Marriage (NOM) had no standing to intervene in the 
Oregon case, and NOM loses a lawsuit against the I.R.S. after claiming 
that the agency intentionally published the names and amounts of its 
donors… thousands celebrate a reasonably-peaceful first-ever Pride event
 in Cyprus… Puerto Rico's governor taps out lesbian Maite Oronoz 
Rodríguez to become the first openly-queer judge on any U.S. state or 
territorial Supreme Court, while Peruvian immigrant ROBERT GARCIA 
becomes the first out, the first Hispanic, and the youngest-ever Mayor 
of Long Beach, California [with brief comments by the mayor-elect]… and 
more LGBT news from around the world (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written 
by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by RYAN PEST and TANYA 
- It's been a fast-paced couple of weeks in transgender 
news. India's latest census counted almost half a million people 
identifying with the country's new legal third gender; the U.S. 
government lifted its ban on Medicare coverage for transition-related 
care; the Pentagon's official Pride event featured a transgender emcee; 
the state of New York lifted its requirement that trans people must have
 undergone reassignment surgery before being able to change the gender 
on their birth certificates; and organizers of this year's Pride 
Celebration in West Hollywood decided to emphasize the dire plight of 
transpeople around the world by putting the "T" first -- as in T-L-G-B. 
That's far more progress than could have been predicted 15 years ago 
when PFC Barry Winchell was murdered. Winchell was heterosexual, but he 
was mercilessly harassed and ultimately bludgeoned to death by two other
 U.S. soldiers because of his relationship with a transwoman, CALPERNIA 
ADDAMS. The tragic story as told from Addams' point of view became the 
award-winning 2003 film "Soldier's Girl". Calpernia Addams prefers not 
to dwell on painful memories of the hate crime. She's gone on to a 
career as a consultant on movies like "Transamerica" and "Dallas Buyers 
Club," and is an entertainer in her own right. She was introduced by a 
"Stunning" sample of her music before she discussed her several jobs 
"coaching" actors portraying transpeople, her frustration at not seeing 
Hollywood cast trans actors in trans roles, and the atypical experience 
of seeing herself portrayed in "Soldier's Girl" with STEVE PRIDE, STEVEN
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