[OutVoice] The Stonewall Society Big Fat Holiday Special 2014!

Len Rogers len at stonewallsociety.com
Wed Dec 31 20:20:24 EST 2014

Come join us for New Year’s eve and Holiday fun!

The StoneWall Society Big Fat Holiday Special

Denver Gay Men's Chorus, Daphne-Rubin-Vega, Dave Hall, Drew Paralic lyrics byJohn R Pollard, Eugene Ebner, Janet Villas, Doug Strahm feat Pete Statham, 

Candy Kane, Bruce Gabriel, Anna Gutmanis, James Collins, Lea DeLaria, D.C. Anderson, Jay Spears, Mark Barnes, Jeffery Straker, Seattle Women's Chorus, 

John Raymond Pollard, Seattle Men's Chorus, Shawn Thomas, The Kinsey Sicks, Matthew Duffy, Michael West Freddy Freeman  lyrics by Andy Northrup, 

Vincent Wolfe, SUGARBEACH, Steven Gellman, Sam Harris, Roger Kuhn, MoonTrent, Daniel J. Cartier

Happy New Year!!!!

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