[OutVoice] Happy Holidays!

Roger Mapes rogermapes at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 24 12:07:15 EST 2014

Just droppin by to say Happy Holidays to everyone. Blessings and love to you and your family.I've been taking a break from live shows this month to create videos of songs from my cd Country Gospel Kirtan. You can see the results here: REV. YOLANDA | Breaking News www.yolanda.net 
and don't forget to 
JOIN us at The Guiness World Records Event-Longest Variety Show at The Metropolitan Room from 7pm, Jan 1, 2015 through 7am, Jan 4, 2015.Rev. Yolanda will appear on FRIDAY JAN.2 at 1:45 - 2:00 AM- YES IN THE MORNING-LOLOL! Check out the listing of stars: http://metropolitanroom.com/event.cfm?cart&id=179517So excited to be a part of this event with MANY of YOU!See ya soon and Happy New Year! 2014 MAC Award winner Rev.YOLANDA aka Rev.Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes www.yolanda.net

REV.YOLANDA-THE MOVIE:www.goyolanda.com

OUTVOICE Award winning CD "COUNTRY GOSPEL KIRTAN":www.yolanda.net/buy_music_here

VIDEO from THE GOSPEL HOUR: http://youtu.be/XHEHTXLB7iU
Official Website:
Rev.YOLANDA is in the GLBT Hall of Fame

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