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You are an Idea in Divine Mind.
Happy Holidays!Last Holiday Season, my husband, Glen and I went to Alabama to see my Mom. I wanted to go to my father's grave as my fully expressed self and meditate and sing at his grave site on his favorite day- Christmas. On Christmas, he would always be so much fun. He acted all excited. He got dressed up in his Santa suit and would hide our gifts with little maps to find them. He was a light hearted guy who always loved a party and a good laugh.. a lot like me :)So last Christmas morning in Tuscumbia Alabama, I got up at 7am and dressed to the nines and headed off to the cemetery. Glen was videoing the experience. It was very moving and full of light for me and Glen. Joy, sadness, laughter and tears. We learn so much about ourselves in the presence of family don't we?  I LOVE MY FAMILY !Finally this year I was able to create 2 videos that used the footage from that trip and I'd like to share them with you.1. You Are An Idea: http://youtu.be/d_758YVOgow ( if you can't see the embedded videos in this email-click the link provided) 2. Muscle Shoals:http://youtu.be/tJoF_MM1108 I also want to give you some FREE gifts by CLICKING HERE: http://www.yolanda.net/free_downloads/  You can download the first ROUGH draft of Hush of Heaven which will appear on my 2015 upcoming cd Counrty Gospel Kirtan vol 2. There are also old favs like "We Are Angels" and "Love Divine" as well as FREE E-BOOKS.
If you'd like to listen and purchase from my entire discography, click here: http://www.yolanda.net/free_downloads/     Thanks for being a part of my Outmusic family. We do this together and we make GREAT MUSIC!
Love and Blessings and Have a Great Holiday Season.xoxoxoRev. Yolandawww.yolanda.netwww.goyolanda.comwww.themightycompanions.com - Rev. Yolanda and Rev. Glen  |

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