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Sapphic Nomads find life behind the headlines in India;
Billy Beans goes to bat for baseball inclusivity;
The U.S. Labor Department gets trans-inclusive, Manning's transition is
arrested in military prison, Russia's violent anti-gay video vigilante
is jailed, a hateful Ugandan faith group loses U.S. and E.U. aid,
scared straights sound Ireland's "Armagayddon" alarm, and more news

 In "NewsWrap": The U.S. Department of Labor issues guidelines to 
officially ban bias against transgender workers by federal contractors, 
while imprisoned Wikileaker Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning says 
she's still waiting for the gender transition treatment she's been 
promised; Russian thug Maxim Martsinkevich, notorious for leading an 
anti-gay vigilante group called Operation Pedophelia that tortured and 
outed young gay men in web-posted videos, gets 5 years behind bars for 
"extremism", but not for his anti-gay crimes… a major multi-faith 
Ugandan religious group loses U.S. funding for endorsing the country's 
horrific Anti-Homosexuality Law… a U.S. federal judge joins four state 
courts that had already declared Florida's ban on civil marriage for 
same-gender couples unconstitutional, while a federal appeals court 
ruling overturning Virginia's ban is stayed by the U.S. Supreme Court… 
Irish marriage equality group LGBT Noise web-posts "Armagayddon", an 
over-the-top video satire lampooning people who believe opening civil 
marriage to same-gender couples marks the end of the world [with a 
60-second audio snippet]… and more global LGBT news (produced by STEVE 
PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON and reported this week by NATALIE PEOPLES 

- When BILLY BEAN played the game, MAJOR 
LEAGUE BASEBALL was no field of dreams for a gay man. He retired after 
six seasons in 1995, and four years later admitted that it was the 
pressure of playing in the closet that had forced him out. Now that 
professional U.S. basketball and football leagues have pulled ahead with
 active out players, MLB brought Bean off the bench on July 15th to be 
 the former big leaguer a few pitches about his new position (produced 

- Samoa, Mongolia, Nepal and Kyrgyzstan have all
 been stops along the way for KATIE COOK & MAGGIE YOUNG, who call 
themselves the SAPPHIC NOMADS. The story-telling partner-adventurers 
quit their jobs to travel the world for a year in search of LGBT 
communities. Their ultimate goal is a film documentary, but they've been
 sending "This Way Out" "audio postcards" from their amazing journey. We
 almost thought they had decided to chuck it all and stay in some remote
 lesbian paradise until we got their latest dispatch from INDIA (Part 1 
of 2 with MUMBAI-based HIV/AIDS activist SHRUTA).
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