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Roger Mapes rogermapes at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 00:44:13 EDT 2014

Hi Everyone, . 

We want YOUR picture in "Rev. Yolanda the movie"  if you're up for it.  But first, THERE ARE ONLY TEN DAYS LEFT OF OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!!! http://www.kickstartourfilm.com
 We are close to our goal.  This is the time we're asking all of our backers to Facebook, Tweet, 
Email & ask a stranger on the street :) 

 This film will make you laugh, cry and help 
people realize that we're all connected...whether we're in high heels or flip flops. 
 Now, about your photo... Near the end of the film, when I sing my song, We Are Angels. During 
this segment, we want to feature photos of a large array of diverse, 
happy people. If you would like to be featured in the film, please submit your photo 
here: http://www.avaiya.com/rev-yolanda-movie-photo-submission/ 
Its easy to invite people to the movie by sharing this simple text with friends right now: 
 "I invite you to support the Kickstarter campaign for Reverend Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour The Movie today! www.kickstartourfilm.com "
With tons of appreciation and love, 
Rev. Yolanda and Filmmaker Ike Allen of Avaiya Media 

2014 MAC Award winner Rev.YOLANDA aka Rev.Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes presents 
RESERVATIONS HERE: www.yolanda.net

REV.YOLANDA-THE MOVIE:www.goyolanda.com

OUTVOICE Award winning CD "COUNTRY GOSPEL KIRTAN":www.yolanda.net/buy_music_here

VIDEO from THE GOSPEL HOUR: http://youtu.be/XHEHTXLB7iU
Official Website:
Rev.YOLANDA is in the GLBT Hall of Fame

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