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"The Dog" gets his day in a new documentary;
Christian singer Beeching rocks the Bible in a Lively debate;
Dozens are busted in Lebanon's anti-gay crackdown, complex Ugandan
politics slow the race to renew the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Law,
Kenyan lawmakers decide against death by stoning for LGBT people, the
US marriage equality clock gets turned back in Tennessee, and more news

 In "NewsWrap": A new crackdown on gay men appears to have started in 
Lebanon, while Ugandan President Musevini seems to be trying to slow 
down a rush to reinstatement of his country's horrific 
Anti-Homosexuality Law, and a proposed bill in neighboring Kenya to 
stone gays to death reportedly dies in a parliamentary committee… a 
Roane County circuit judge breaks a pattern established by more than 30 
other U.S. state and federal courts and upholds Tennessee's ban on civil
 marriage for lesbian and gay couples; voters in Chattanooga, Tennessee 
repeal a City Council-passed ordinance extending healthcare benefits to 
the same-gender partners of municipal workers, while lawmakers in a 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana parish reject a proposal to ban bias based on 
sexual orientation or gender identity… far-right Liberty Council founder
 MAT STAVER says that U.S. lawmakers who fail to oppose marriage 
equality are the same as those who stayed silent during the Holocaust in
 Nazi Germany [an excerpt from his comments on Radio America], while 
U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA's video message [excerpts] welcomes athletes
 from more than 45 countries around the world to the Cleveland/Akron, 
Ohio area for the quadrennial Gay Games, and 99-year-old New York 
great-great grandmother Ida Keeling sets a certified world record at the
 Games in the 100-meter dash… plus more LGBT news from around the world 
(written by GREG GORDON and reported this week by MICHAEL LEBEAU and 

- Few fans of VICKY BEECHING's Christian rock 
music may have shouted "Hallelujah" when she said last week that she's a
 lesbian, but her first broadcast interview after the announcement drew 
resounding "Amens" from LGBT people and their allies. As her "coming out
 gift," Britain's Channel 4 News set Beeching up to debate evangelist 
and professional homophobe SCOTT LIVELY. He's the man currently being 
sued in U.S. federal court for violating the civil rights of LGBT 
Ugandans because of his involvement in the development of that country's
 Anti-Homosexuality Law – though Lively continues to deny his 
complicity. When he tried to sell Beeching the all-too-familiar party 
line, Lively found himself facing a biblical scholar who could take him 
on toe-to-toe (intro'd by a snippet from Beeching live in concert).

 The 1975 movie "Dog Day Afternoon" is a cinema classic. Two 
documentarians decided to investigate the gay man at the center of those
 real-life events. ALLISON BERG and STEVE KERAUDREN, co-directors of 
"THE DOG", shared some of what they learned with our STEVE PRIDE (with 
clips from the films and brief outro music by LUTHER INGRAM).
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