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"THIS WAY OUT: the international lesbian & gay radio magazine"
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(hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
A Radical Faerie filmmaker celebrates James Broughton's "Big Joy";
Butch Voices bridge the gender divide;
Hawai'i gets re-engaged in marriage equality, a Pacific Northwest tribe
has no reservations about Two-Spirit weddings, symbolic same-gender
nuptials are celebrated in Taipei and Seoul, Betty Crocker's inclusive
wedding cakes frost the right wing, and more global LGBT news

 In "NewsWrap": Hawai'i's governor calls a special session of the state 
legislature to pass a marriage equality bill, and Washington state's 
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation becomes the fifth Native
 American tribe to open marriage to gay and lesbian couples… more than 
1200 equality supporters celebrate a traditional "wedding banquet" 
outside the presidential palace in Taipei to push the Taiwan government 
toward enacting marriage equality, while out filmmaker Kim Jho Gwang-Soo
 symbolically marries his longtime partner Kim Seung-Hwan on a bridge in
 Seoul in Korea's first-ever public gay wedding… Greek Orthodox Church 
Patriarch Bartholomew I condemns same-gender unions as "sinful, 
reprehensible," and a "new invention", while a Russian lawmaker proposes
 legislation to deny child custody to gay and lesbian parents and to 
even remove kids from their homes if they're living with gay or lesbian 
parents… TONY PERKINS of the U.S. FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL, a Southern 
Poverty Law Center-certified hate group, bakes up another rightwing 
boycott against another pro-LGBT company in a widely-distributed radio 
diatribe against Minnesota-based Betty Crocker (written by GREG GORDON, 
produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by ABBY DEES and WENZEL 

- JAMES BROUGHTON, the iconoclastic poet and spiritual 
visionary, was already considered a cornerstone of the sexual revolution
 when Radical Faerie filmmaker, facilitator, futurist and freelance 
writer STEPHEN SILHA fell under his spell. Silha's admiration for and 
friendship with the Faerie bard inspired a documentary called "BIG JOY: 
THE ADVENTURES OF JAMES BROUGHTON". He talked about its genesis and 
evolution with our correspondent DIXIE TREICHEL [from "Fresh Fruit" on 
KFAI-FM in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota] (with brief intro music 
performed by THREE DOG NIGHT).

- Back in the 
1950s when strict gender roles were the rule, a lesbian had to choose 
whether to be a butch or a femme. But what does it mean to be butch in 
the 21st Century? "This Way Out" correspondent ANGELA BROOKS found some 
-- for us, and for herself (with intro/outro music from "Bulldagger 
Swagger" by PHRANC). 
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