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(hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Nepal's leading gay activist rises above Western politics;
A Russian lesbian writer confronts her homeland's homophobic fascism;
Jamaica's sodomy repeal debate motivates escalating violence,
a California lesbian couple wins post-DOMA disabled veteran benefits
parity, marriage equality revolts engulf U.S. localities, worker-
unfriendly WalMart romances same-gender partners, and more LGBT news

 In "NewsWrap": Mob violence against LGBT people rises sharply in 
Jamaica, fueled by anti-sodomy preachers… the reverberating effects this
 week of the U.S. Supreme Court's DOMA decision include the Internal 
Revenue Service announcing that it will treat married same-gender 
couples the same as their heterosexual peers, and a federal judge 
declaring a U.S. statute that denies equal benefits to married lesbian 
and gay veterans unconstitutional… marriage equality is now enjoyed in 
more than half of New Mexico while its Association of Counties asks the 
state high court to issue a definitive ruling on the issue… 
Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corbett compares gay and lesbian couples to 
12-year-old children in his legal filing against an official in the 
state's Montgomery County who's also handing out marriage licenses to 
same-gender couples… global retail behemoth WalMart extends domestic 
partner benefits to its 2.2 million employees around the world… and more
 global LGBT news (written by GREG GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and 
reported this week by PAMELA BROOKS and MICHAEL ALLAN.

- An 
activist's home is raided by police. A gallery is closed and an artist 
flees the country. A state-sponsored film about Tchaikovsky denies he 
was gay. A landlord cautions tenants to beware because "homosexuals may 
look just like you." A young man who stood alone with a "gay is normal" 
sign may be the first to actually be convicted under RUSSIA's new law 
that bans "promoting non-traditional sexual relations." But the effects 
of that law are being felt in a wave of repression across the country 
which some say is worse than during the days of the USSR. MSNBC's CHRIS 
HAYES asked Russian lesbian journalist MASHA GESSEN how much the 
situation had really changed in a country that had not exactly been a 
bastion of rainbow liberation before.

- A thousand
 people took to the streets of KATHMANDU for LGBT rights on August 21st.
 The impressive growth of the four-year-old Gai Jatra Pride march in the
 capitol city and the gains won by NEPAL's LGBT community over the past 
twelve years all began with one individual. Of course that's SUNIL BABU 
PANT, the guy KATIE COOK & MAGGIE YOUNG wanted to talk to when the 
"SAPPHIC NOMADS" got to town. Cook and Young are filmmakers searching 
for LGBT activists all over the world for a documentary. Here's the 
latest in their series of "audio postcards" from the journey to "This 
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