[OutVoice] Addendum, for Please Help Me Win an Award, or Two...

J. D. Doyle jddoyle at qmh101.com
Fri Oct 18 14:40:04 EDT 2013

here's the original email, the addendum you'll need is at the bottom...

A local Houston magazine (called About Magazine) is again sponsoring their
annual awards balloting,
and this year there are two categories I'm hoping my artist network can
help me out on.
I'd have a great chance if everyone I've played over the years would
vote...kidding, sort of...:)
I don't fit in the "male DJ" category, that's for club folks, and I don't
consider myself a DJ anyway.
But new this year are two web categories:

Educational / Informative website of the Year
Entertainment website of the Year

Please write in www.QueerMusicHeritage.com

They are a bit less than halfway down the screen, at least on my pc screen.
The other categories are all very local, and you likely won't care about
any others, but if you
could just do those two, should only take a moment or two, well, I'd be
most appreciative.

Anyone, anywhere can vote, just give your name and email address...it says
email address per vote, so if you have more than one, I'll leave that to

At the link click on Vote


FACE stands for First Achievers in Community Excellence
and like any internet popularity contest, it's who can generate the

Big Thanks,

JD Doyle

*Addendum to Please help me win a couple awards...*.
I just realized that it forces people to vote for three other categories,
which you would have no info on,
so, while I didn't want to "endorse" anyone, as I'm friends with all of
them, I will...

LGBT Business of the Year:          Outsmart Magazine       (new category
this year, this is a great mag)
Female Community Hero of the Year:     Annise Parker        (our lesbian
Male Community Hero of the Year:       Ray Hill              (the father of
Houston GLBT activism)



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