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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is "GLAAD" to be gay;
Exposing the pitfalls of Irish civil partnership parenthood;
A New Jersey teen doesn't kid Christie about "conversion" quackery;
Australia's new Sex Discrimination Act adds the "I" to "LGBT", a trans
anti-bias bill's triumph gives Canada's Tories toilet terrors, a
Russian regional court rules that Pride is not "propaganda", more news

- In "NewsWrap": An LGBTI-inclusive Sex Discrimination Act is welcomed 
in the Australian parliament –- with reservations -– while Canada's 
House of Commons passes a bill banning discrimination against 
transgender people... a Russian regional court overturns a ban on 
peaceful LGBT Pride events and political demonstrations, while New South
 Wales police officials hear from dozens of Sydney Mardi Gras revelers 
claiming to have been victimized by sometimes brutal officers during the
 world-famous festivities... Israel's Health Ministry complies with 
court rulings and agrees to recognize both members of a same-gender 
couple as parents of children born via overseas surrogacy... "fear is 
the path to the dark side" in Scotland... and more LGBT news from around
 the world (written by GREG GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and 
reported this week by WENZEL JONES and PAM MARHALL).

- NEW JERSEY Governor Chris Christie says his concern is for the rights 
of parents when he expresses ambivalence about a proposed state ban on 
so-called "conversion" therapy for minors. But outspoken teen JACOB 
RUDOLPH's concern was for the lives and rights of children when he went 
before the state Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens 
Committee on March 18th.

- The next time someone asks you why civil partnerships are not just as 
good as civil marriages, we hope you’ll remember this report from DUBLIN
 by JENNY BUTLER, courtesy of "The Cosmo with Scott De Buitléir" on 

- The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, announced 
late this week that it was dropping its lengthy name and will now just 
be known as "GLAAD, the LGBT media advocacy organization". The group 
said it’s also broadening its mission to focus more on advocating for 
transgender people. And at the March 17th NEW YORK CITY leg of its 24th 
Annual Media Awards, GLAAD honored CNN anchor ANDERSON COOPER with its 
Vito Russo Award, which is presented to an openly LGBT media 
professional who's made a significant difference in promoting equality 
for the LGBT community.
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