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Unashamed Faith Cafe (UFC) features the best in Spiritual and gifted
artists from around the world who have united together in faith, hope and

Unashamed Faith Cafe with your host Arizzona airs on http://v109fm.com
Saturdays 12noon-1pm Est. Sundays 8-9pm Est.

Unashamed Faith Cafe with your host Arizzona airs on
http://cornerstoneconnection.org Sundays 6-7pm Est. Wednesdays 12noon-1pm

To find out more visit:  http://unashamedfaithcafe.com
Also, check out: http://www.youtube.com/user/azzzonline

Shawn Thomas to perform April 6-7, 2013

Sat. April 6, 2013 -- Celebration of Faith, San Jose, CA. 7:00 pm Pst.
 Worship Concert.

Sun. April 7, 2013 -- First Presbyterian Church, San Jose, CA. 10:30 am
Pst. Worship Service.

Sun. April 7, 2013 -- Freedom in Christ, San Francisco, CA. 4:30 pm Pst.
 Worship Service.

More info on Shawn Thomas visit: http://www.shawnthomasonline.com

Shawn Thomas Graced us with a new Praise & Worship CD

Now available for purchase Shawn Thomas's new CD project "Voice of Worship".

Please visit: http://shawnthomasonline.com to get your copy.

Rev. Yolanda & Rev. Glen share ACIM Study and Fellowship – Ongoing

The Fellowship of Awakening held at Yeoryai Studios, 2067 Broadway (at 72nd
St) NYC, 7-9 pm Est.

The Fellowship of Awakening! Practices the power of forgiveness, by using
365 lessons of the ACIM workbook.

Marcus Young to perform March 31, 2013

Eternal Joy MCC of Dayton, Dayton, OH. at 10:30 am Est.. Worship Service.

CJ Smyth has a new solo CD out “Common Shaman”

This is the first solo disk by singer songwriter CJ Smyth. It is sure to
open your heart
and give you something to smile about.  A twist between Spiritual New Age
with a splash of Folk .

To purchase CJ Smyth album visit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/cjsmyth

Rev. Yolanda has a new CD out titled -  “Rev. Yolanda's Country Gospel
Kirtan, Vol.1 - God Is”

Rev. Yolanda’s new music has hints of Country Gospel, Native American,
and Hindu Kirtan music combined with New Thought lyrics and a few
House Music beats and wonderful vocal harmonies.

To purchase Rev. Yolanda’s CD visit: http://yolanda.net/buy_music_here/

Carlos Ortiz new CD out – “The Worship Project”

To purchase Carlos’s CD visit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/carlosortiz14

This is the playlist for Unashamed Faith Cafe 3-23-13

John Edmonds - Gospel Medley
Cheryl A. Bragg - Lord I Give You Praise
Kevin John Smith - The Last Day
CJ Smyth - Common Shaman
Carlos Ortiz - Higher
Susie Brenner - Great is They Faithfulness
Canaan Band - Infinite Love
Dave Hall - God Is Wide
Justin Ryan - I'm Not The Enemy
Shawn Thomas - Living Sacrifice
Roger Kuhn - May All Beings
John Raymond Pollard - I Wait for a Miracle
Dan Manjovi - Things'll Get Better

If you would like your music played on my radio program or have a
project you would like promoted please contact by responding to this email.

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