[OutVoice] Mountman's Montage for 3-10-13

Joseph Wright mountman at rainbowworldradio.com
Sun Mar 10 13:51:37 EDT 2013

Hi All, 

Here is my show for 3-10-13. Be sure to tell all your family, fans, and friends to stop by http://www.rainbowworldradio.com  and give a listen. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.
9bobnote - Mad At Superman

Sacha Sacket - Shadowed

Andrew Suvalsky - Vintage Pop and the Jazz Sides - http://www.andrewsuvalsky.com/

D.C. Anderson - I Am Still - http://www.dcanderson.net/

Marc Silver - Stonethrowers - http://www.marcsilvermusic.com/

Pat Rocco - He Touched Me - http://cdbaby.com/cd/patrocco

Drew Paralic - Roll with it, baby - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/drewparalicwingent.htm

Ron Romanovsky - Turn Up The Fun - http://www.romanovskyandphillips.com/

Ryan States - Strange Town - http://www.ryan-states.com/

Shawn Ryan - Blue Skies - http://www.shawn-ryan.com/

The Flirtations- Out On The Road 

Dan Manjovi - Dan Manjovi - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/danmanjoviwingent.htm

John Raymond Pollard - Disc Covered 80's - http://www.johnpollard.com/

Robyn E - Out Of Blue - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/robynewingent.htm

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