[OutVoice] Mountman's Montage for 3-3-13

Joseph Wright mountman at rainbowworldradio.com
Sat Mar 2 12:03:20 EST 2013

Hi All, 
Here is my show for 3-3-13. Be sure to tell all your family, fans, and friends to stop by http://www.rainbowworldradio.com  and give a listen. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

Project Vector - Out Of The Closet - http://www.projectvector.com/

Candye Kane - Sister Vagabond - http://www.candyekane.com/

Eric Lane Barnes - Fruit of the Month Club - http://www.flyinghouse.org/smc/

Burning Nopal - Rainbow Revolution - http://www.burningnopal.com/

Pamala Stanley - Seasons of My Heart - http://www.pamalastanley.com/

Mark Weigle - Soulsex - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/markweiglewingent.htm

Tanya Pluth - Saving Graces - http://www.tanyapluth.com/

Mark Barnes - The Awakening - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/markbarneswingent.htm

Levi Kreis - One of the Ones - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/levikreiswingent.htm

Jacqui Naylor - Live at the Plush Room - http://www.jacquinaylor.com/

Jeffery Straker - Under the Soles of My Shoes - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/jefferystrakerwingent.htm

*V*I*R*G*O* - Moderate Extremism - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/virgowingent.htm

James Collins - The Messenger - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1384498/

KJ Denhert - Dal Vivo A Umbria Jazz - http://www.kjdenhert.com/

Roger Mapes - Singles - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/yolandawingent.htm

Linq - Life Goes On - http://www.linqmusic.com/

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