[OutVoice] Fred Schneider (B52s) & Donna Destri - Feel - New single

Steven Jones stevenmarc2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 5 10:33:58 EDT 2013

Hello Outvoice

 I thought Id connect with you again to share my musical collaboration with Fred Schneider of The B52s and New York legend Donna Destri (sister of Blondie's Jimmy Destri)  The song's called 'Feel' and is gonna be out on Aug 4.  

The B52s are playing dates in the UK in  August and so Im wondering  if you'd be interested in reviewing 'Feel'.  Or even playing it! The track was recorded in New York and produced in the Liverpool by me, Steven Jones and Francis Perry (aka Ashi). 

'Feel' will be available to download from Itunes worldwide on August 4 and an EP of remixes is also in the works. 

Check out the video here:

Soundcloud links:


Download WAV file here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/cyordj

If you're up for it, we could organise an interview too. 


07974 407336

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