[OutVoice] New Music from David Clement

David Clement davieclem1 at aol.com
Wed Jun 20 14:08:16 EDT 2012

YES! It has been a long time since I released anything new, so I'm especially happy about this:
Pre-Fi is available for download starting today and I'd love to let you know what you're in for.
 In fact, before I could self-release my songs through CD Baby, I had to choose a genre. There are loads of reminders about how important it is to pick the right one: don't pick something because it sounds cool, you want to get it to the people who will actually like it not just the kids you wish you'd hung out with in high school.
 And second guessing ensues.
 At one point I had a hard time trying to pick one, and only one, of the following "sub-genres:"
 Mood: Quirky
 Mood: Dreamy
 Mood: Intellectual
 Out and Proud
 Solo Male Performer
 Electric Guitar
 love songs
 soft rock
 Adult Alternative
 My first thought was that "Quirky" could be a safe catch-all for these stripped down, melodic but of off-kilter songs where cello takes the bass part, but does "Quirky" imply "Zany?" And doesn't Zooey Deschanel have a lock on that word? "Lo-fi" is in the ballpark, but has it just become a euphemism for poorly recorded? Acoustic guitar is the dominant instrument except for sometimes when Rob plays more electric; It started to feel like a trap, like picking any of these might more effectively repel than attract.
 Eventually I had to admit that I don't know what those categories listed above may mean to you but I can say this:
 There are influences that I bet you can hear, comparisons I secretly crave, and even a couple of specific references (homage if it sounds less like stealing) to my heroes like Chrissie Hyndes, Lindsey Buckingham, Neil Young, Ricki Lee Jones, Mark E. Oliver, P.J., Billy Bragg and Liz Phair.
 My only realistic hope is that you'll listen and when you do I know you'll love the work of the musicians: (heretofore referred to as "my band") Erin Hall's beautiful mood-hopping cellos and Rob Bailey's all around innovative sonic excellence make me that much more eager to get these songs heard. And don't get me started on the Tony Garnier cameo or oh my god, Marylouise Burke.
 For the more salacious among you, there's some stories in there.
 For the more romantic, there's a song for Doug.
 You can buy it at cdbaby.com
 it's also available at itunes:
 or wherever fly music is sold!
 I hope you enjoy it,

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