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(hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
How a Denver revolution spawned a rights-affirming high court ruling;
Probing Jim Cory's poetic "No Brainer Variations";
The U.S. Defense Secretary salutes proud gay & lesbian servicemembers;
An Ethiopian conference plans to "bury" homosexuality, a gay/trans
activist is butchered in South Africa, Anglican and Roman Catholic
bishops oppose UK marriage equality, and more global LGBT news
– In "NewsWrap": More than 2,000 government officials and religious leaders gather in Ethiopia's capital of Addis Ababa for a national anti-gay conference, while 23-year-old South African gay and transgender rights activist Thapelo Makutle is brutally murdered in his rented room in the Kuruman township, and the newly installed chair of Costa Rica's Commission on Human Rights, Protestant minister and legislator Justo Orozco, calls homosexuality a sin and claims that gay people can be "cured"... the Church of England and Roman Catholic bishops of England and Wales each submit opposition papers opposing the British government's proposed legislation to open civil marriage to lesbian and gay couples, but U.S. Conservative Judaism affirms that marriages of gay and lesbian couples have "the same sense of holiness and joy as that expressed in heterosexual marriages," and approves rituals for same-gender wedding ceremonies... riot police protect several hundred Pride marchers in the Croatian city of Split, while an estimated three million revelers party with Pride in Sao Paolo... and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON with thanks to REX WOCKNER, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by ROBERT LEBLANC and NATALIE PEOPLES).
- What a difference a year can make! U.S. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE LEON PANETTA stepped into the pages of his country's LGBT history books on June 15th with a post-"Don't Ask Don't Tell" salute many years, and much dedicated activism, in the making.
- "This Way Out's" "Queer Life and Literature" commentator JANET MASON reviews gay poet JIM CORY's sometimes edgy and other times lighthearted "NO BRAINER VARIATIONS" (Rain Mountain Press).
- If you think everything important in the U.S. LGBT movement happens on the east and west coasts, you need to hear the interesting conversation "This Way Out" correspondent VASH BODDIE had recently with JERRY GERASH, a history-making Jewish artist/filmmaker/lawyer/gay liberation activist from Colorado about the "GAY REVOLT AT DENVER CITY COUNCIL, OCTOBER 23, 1973 AND HOW IT CHANGED OUR WORLD".
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