[OutVoice] review of OCCUPY THE HEART by Louis Lopardi

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Mon Feb 27 19:59:38 EST 2012

Hey gang - 

I'd like to share a special review clip of our recent, packed-house "Occupy the Heart" NYC LGBT variety show:

"I've 'occupied' many things in my day: apartments, opera stages, places in people's hearts, south-east Asian countries... But seldom have I seen anything quite like this. Robert Urban & Friends occupied the stage of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe with talent, cheer and gusto that said 'Welcome all, whomever you are, whatever your persuasion - come and celebrate!' This was not just entertainment; this was a consummate Production job" - 
Louis Lopardi, Executive Director, FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL.

I am so proud to work with such talented lgbt & lgbt-ally performing artists. A great cast is worth repeating! Congrats to the stars -  Elijah Black - Joanne Borden - Tina Marie Carr - Ron R Alvarez - Ashley Greco - Parker Morgan - Cindy Diamondss - Martina Downey - Matthew Duffy - Kelli Dunham - Daniel Speaks - Francesca MacAaron - Tracy Stark - Chuck Miller - 

Robert Urban - producer/host - OCCUPY THE HEART Valentine Variety Show

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