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Hey JD--its been so long since I've been on your show, hasn't it? Wanna do a
new interview? -ari
>  "THIS WAY OUT: the international lesbian & gay radio magazine"
> Program #1,247 - distributed 02/20/12
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> (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
> Governor Gregoire gives Washington a great wedding gift;
> India's religious fundamentalists appeal a landmark rights ruling;
> Islamic U.N. countries decline to discuss sexual minorities, African
> nations intensify LGBT repression, Australian parliamentarians
> circulate marriage equality proposals, and more global LGBT news;
> and a hit U.K. song assures LGBT youth that "It Does Get Better"!
> - In "NewsWrap": The UN's Organization of Islamic Cooperation notifies the
> world body's top human rights agencies that its 56-member nations object to
> the scheduled March 7th meeting on violence against sexual minorities because
> "abnormal sexual behavior" has "nothing to do with fundamental human rights",
> while Tunisia's Human Rights Minister tells a national TV audience that sexual
> minorities have no rights in his country, Gambia's President says recognizing
> the rights of LGBT people would "destroy our culture", Uganda's Minister for
> Ethics and Integrity leads a police raid on what local media describe as "a
> secret gay rights activists conference" in Entebbe, and Liberia's former first
> lady and now senator follows Uganda's lead by introducing a bill to punish gay
> sex with execution... three bills to open civil marriage to same-gender
> couples are introduced in Australia's parliament, the Canadian government
> makes good on a promise to close a legal loophole that questions the
> legitimacy of marriages of foreign lesbian and gay couples performed there,
> New Jersey Governor CHRIS CHRISTIE makes good on his vow to veto a marriage
> equality bill approved by both legislative chambers, and repeats his call for
> a public vote on the issue [with a brief comment by the reluctant
> Republican]... and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG
> GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by TANYA KANE-PARRY
> and RICK WATTS).
> - On February 13th WASHINGTON GOVERNOR CHRISTINE GREGOIRE signed into law a
> bill to open civil marriage to lesbian and gay couples. Surrounded by key
> legislators and activists who had ushered the legislation through the House
> and Senate, Gregoire was exuberant in her signing ceremony remarks.
> - INDIA's Supreme Court began hearings this week that could have a profound
> impact on that country's recent gains in LGBT civil rights. When the Delhi
> High Court found that the 148-year-old ban on so-called "unnatural offenses"
> was unconstitutional in 2009, activists hailed the ruling as a major legal and
> political breakthrough. But the landmark judgment that decriminalized
> same-gender sex and opened the door to a new queer visibility is being
> challenged.  From New Dehli, "Free Speech Radio News" reporter INDU VASHIST
> has the story [www.fsrn.org].
> - Last weekend the campaign to stop homophobic and transphobic bullying "got
> better" thanks to a song released by THE L PROJECT that became an overnight
> internet hit. Some of the UK's leading lesbian performers took part in the
> recording, which hit Number 1 on the Amazon UK's Best Sellers Rock and Folk
> chart and Number 2 on the iTunes UK Rock Album chart. Proceeds from the sale
> of "IT DOES GET BETTER", sold at those and other music download sites, are
> going to the organizations Stonewall and Diversity Role Models.
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