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QMH –  February 2012 – Meg Christian  Tribute
This month I am  pleased to share my Meg Christian Tribute Show, which 
includes special rare  material: a historic radio interview from 1983 and a live 
concert from 1981.  The full concert can be streamed in Part 2. These were 
from a main transition  time for Meg, when she had just done the "Meg & Cris 
at Carnegie Hall  Concert," and was about to leave Women's Music, in 1984.

Part 1 –  58:04
Meg Christian - Lady (1974, 45 only) 
Meg Christian – Face the  Music (1977) 
Meg Christian Interview (1983)
Meg & Cris –  Anniversary (1982) 
Meg Christian – Ode to a Gym Teacher (1974)   
Meg Christian – You Bet (1981, Live) 
Meg Christian - Turning It Over  (1981, live) 
Meg Christian – Train Song (1981, Live) 
Meg Christian -  Sweet Darlin’ Woman (1981, live) 

Part 2 - 59:54
Concert, September,  1981 
Turning It Over (from "Turning It Over")
Train song (later from  "Meg/Cris at Carnegie Hall")
Restless (from "TIO")
There's a Light (from  "TIO")
You Bet (on Holly Near LP "Imagine My Surprise")
Southern Home  (from "TIO")
Gym II (sung to track) (from "TIO")
I Wish You Well (from  "TIO") 
The Road I Took To You (from "Face the Music")
Sweet Darlin'  Woman (from "Face the Music")

You can stream or download the show  anytime, at 

Thanks  for listening, 
JD Doyle  


All segments of both shows are archived.
That’s 12+ years of very  gay music.
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