[OutVoice] New CORDAPHONE cd - "Printemps des cerisiers"

robert urban themusenyc at aol.com
Wed Oct 19 19:32:51 EDT 2011

Hey gang - 

Well, I just got the new Cordaphone CD "Printemps des cerisiers" in the mail and am enjoying it immensely! The music made by this French Canadian "trad" band is rich, courtly and full of life - using all traditional instruments - (and pardon my french...) banjomer, dulcimers, bruits, violon, mandoline, guitare, percussions, etc. For those who love Elizabethan, Appalachian music with a definite French pre-18th century troubadour twist. It will make you jig... or gavotte... or rondo... or whatever they did for fun in those days! 

Hearing real musicians play real handmade instruments is like a breath of fresh air. The cd is beautifully packaged - as if it was Jethro Tull's SONGS OF THE WOOD's great-granddaddy - with much text on the material - but the whole thing is in French - so what - the music is so glorious who cares? I featured  Cordaphone band member Sylvain Lacroix in 2010 while the cd was still in the making - see link.


you can check them out at: www.cordaphone.com

robert urban
themusenyc at aol.com

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