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Hey gang - 

Meet my good friend and GAY GUITARISTS WORLDWIDE's new featured member - folk singer/guitarist BARBARA JOHNSTON. Barbara often performs with her partner - fiddler SUSAN HESKE. Barbara & Susan are lovers of "Old Time" music, and have participated in the Fiddlers Camp and Clifftop music festivals. Barbara Johnston, M.D. is associate medical director of Mt. Sinai Comprehensive Health Program Downtown Center for treatment of HIV/AIDS. Every year for World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, Barbara organizes a special World AIDS Day event for Mt. Sinai patients and staff that includes guest speakers, poets, musicians. I've had the honor of performing for, and with Barbara on several occasions.

Barbara is featured on the GAY GUITARISTS WORLDWIDE homepage. visit/join at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gayguitarists 

Barbara and Robert Urban perform Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" July 16, 2011 at The Barrow Group Theater in NYC - on Youtube at: http://youtu.be/DmgB6befu2Q

See our Barbara Johnston Facebook photo album at:

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