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OutRadio October 2011
Something a bit different. I'm calling it the "OutRadio 5-10-15 Show." It's my way of honoring what I consider the best music of 5, 10 and 15 years ago. Here's why I am doing this. I love doing Best of the Year shows, but I didn't start doing them until 2007, so a lot of terrific music did not get recognized, at least by me, in my own very subjective way. So Part 1 will honor the music by GLBT artists from 1996, and Parts 2 & 3 will do the same for 2001 and 2006.
Part 1 – 1996 – 62:06
Flirtations – Fun Fun Fun
Rhythm Method – I’ll Be Forever Loving You
Sons & Lovers – If You Get Down at Christmas
David Brown – Every Kiss Is A Revolution
David Sereda – Powerful Love
Foremen – I Think I’ll Be a Homo
Monica Grant – Boyfriend
Michael Holland – Surrender Dorothy
Mavis’s – Do You Have a Brother?
Pansy Division – Dick of Death
Lisa Koch – Night at the Timberline
Sid Spencer – Take Me Back Home
Disappear Fear – Laws of Nature
Wishing Chair – Sometimes
Fred Hersch – Lush Life
Brian Lane Green – Grateful
Michael Callen – Love Worth Fighting For
Part 2 – 2001 – 65:47
Clark Carlton – Boys in the Sand
Margie Adam – Avalon
Suede – Built for Comfort
Catie Curtis – Kiss That Counted
Ellis – Everything That’s Real
Jamie Anderson – I Miss the Dog
Lisa Koch – I Won’t Survive (The Festival)
Skott Freedman – Dominoes
Dave Hall – God Is Wide
Daniel J Cartier – Wide Outside
Mark Islam - Trick
Y’All – Throw Away the Knives & Forks
Kenny Lockwood – Tin Angel
Jayne County – Man I Feel Like a Woman
Alix Olson – Checking My Pulse
Topp Twins – Untouchable Girls
Tret Fure – This Train
Leah Zicari – This Is Gonna Hurt Me
Anthony Rapp – Just Some Guy
Part 3 – 2006 – 64:12
Gavin Creel – Radio Lover
Ex-Boyfriends – Him for Me
Lipstick Conspiracy – Just a Girl
Natalia Zukerman – Loved Like That
Kate Reid – Starving Artist
Linq – Who I Need to Be
Eric Himan – Bartender
Josh Zuckerman – Out from Under
Jennifer Leitham – Studio City Stomp
Phil Putnam – Lyin’
Robert German – Marlboro Man
Larry Block – Losing Town
Terry Christopher – Brothers in Arms & Sister Soldiers
Jason & deMarco – This Is Love
Shawn Thomas – Faith Unashamed
Tomboy – OK2BGAY
You can stream or download the show anytime, at 
Thanks for listening, 
JD Doyle 
All segments of both shows are archived.
That’s almost 12 years of very gay music.

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