[OutVoice] Congratulations to LGBT Music Makers

Terry Christopher enterrytainer at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 23 17:30:56 EDT 2010

Hey there...
I wanted to take a second and congratulate all of the nominees and recipients of this past weekends Pride In The Arts Awards.  A special THANKS to Len Rogers for being a tireless champion at the helm of StoneWall Society/Pride In The Arts/Outvoice/Artist For Equality.  
I think it's so vital to our community to have opportunities to celebrate and raise up the voices of our community in a way that recognizes the efforts and achievements of the artists who are engaged in their creative ability and are unafraid to stand up and STAND OUT and share of themselves and their songs.  It seems cliche to say, but we truly are all winners for doing what we do on all various levels of visibility and ability.  Within my own lifetime and just 20+ years ago, this opportunity on this scale was not possible.  We have come so far, and yet we painfully see in DADT, Marriage (In)Equality/Prop 8 and the decade plus it took Judy Sheppard to get the Matthew Shepard hate crime bill signed into law, that each of us, each of our voices, our songs, our stories is what is needed to push through as a community and stay united and focused with our collective eye on the prize.
We have a choice to lift each other up or to pull each other down.  I would hope that, though there is a certain element of competition in rallying our fan bases for votes, that the other positive aspect is of us sharing and gaining more visibility as artists and as an artistic community doesn't get lost.  I am not Alice and I don't reside in Wonderland, but I do, however, believe that success for any one of us is success for ALL of US.  There has been recent success in many different directions, by many different artists in different genres that are all doing GREAT WORK.
Regardless of what you think of me as a person, or of me as an artist, I consider each of you that I share this musical journey with a brother or sister in music.  
To you all I say and PROUDLY SHOUT...carry on and keep on keepin' on!
Thanks once again to Len Rogers for providing such a positive and community supportive awards program and CONGRATULATIONS ONE and ALL. 

In Music,
Terry Christopher


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