[OutVoice] QMH for March- Queer Nation: The Music & The Politics – Then & Now

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QMH for March- Queer Nation: The Music & The Politics – Then & Now
This month’s show is called “Queer Nation: The Music & The Politics – Then & Now,” and Part 1 includes interviews with members of the band Queer Conscience, which was very much inspired by the politics of Queer Nation; Ray Hill, Houston’s pioneering gay activist; and the very political and talented artist, Scott Free. Part 2 brings things up to date with transwoman musician Michelle Garcia; and lesbian singer/songwriter Melissa Li and transman slam poet Kit Yan of the band Good Asian Drivers. I think it’s the most “political” music show I’ve ever done, honoring an important area of our history.
Part 1 – 71:39
Queer Conscience – It’s a Queer Nation (1992) 
Scott Free – Act Up Fight Back (2008) 
Ray Hill Interview (2010) 
Queer Conscience Interview: Rick Cresswell & Jamie Pierce
Queer Conscience – Gonna Eat My Way to Heaven (1992)
Queer Conscience – Queerly Beloved (1992) 
Queer Conscience – A Sunrise That Stays (1992)    
Queer Conscience – A Stranger’s Face (1992) 
Queer Conscience – When the Time Is Right (1995)
Queer Conscience – Everyone Knows (1992) 
Queer Conscience – Some In Silence (1992)
Queer Conscience – Save Our Children (1992) 
Queer Conscience – Outside Information (1993) 
Queer Conscience – Harvey (The Ballad of Harvey Milk) (1993)
Queer Conscience – A Wonder (1995) 
Queer Conscience – Marchin’ in Southie (1995)   
Justine Sullivan comment (1996) 
Queer Conscience – Your ‘Coming Out’ Day (1995) 
Queer Conscience – Gay Music (1995) 
Part 2 – 65:42
VonTanner – Queer Nation (2005) 
Michelle Garcia Comments (2010)
Michelle Garcia – San Francisco Queers (2009) 
Michelle Garcia – Transwoman (2009) 
Good Asian Drivers Interview: Melissa Li & Kit Yan
Melissa Li – 2 Seconds Away (2008) 
Melissa Li – Extra (2008) 
Melissa Li – Dance America (2008) 
Good Asian Drivers – On The Road With You (2009) 
Good Asian Drivers – For Our Daughters (2009) 
Good Asian Drivers – Here’s To You (2009) 
Good Asian Drivers – My Boy (2009) 
Kit Yan – Tranny Shack (2008, Kit Yan Live) 
Good Asian Drivers – Third Gender (2009) 
Good Asian Drivers – Queer Nation (2009) 
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