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Len Rogers SWS len at stonewallsociety.com
Mon Mar 1 18:33:52 EST 2010

Hi All,
     The voting is over. After removing duplicate voting, invalid addresses, and addressing several issues of voter manipulation I am happy to announce that this year is the largest voter turn out for one category of the awards. Thanks to voters, artists, SWS members, and new voters! Also this year was the largest response from voters on suggestions, comments, and requests. Which brings me to the point. Many voters have stated a large interest in a presentation show consisting of artist involvement.
    As there sadly will not be a live presentation ceremony, I have come up with a possible solution of sorts. If any artists would like to participate, it can be made very easy to do so. It would require merely a few minutes of your time and a PC or phone call. I can put the show together using recorded presenters and even announcement of recipients. If you are interested in participating please respond to this email, directly to me, by 3-3-2010. I will make a decision if the PITA announcement date will change to 3-15-2010 for such a show on that date. 
    We are looking at the possibility of a live show via RWR as well. I will also have that answer by the 3rd and will circulate here and at the PITA website. Some news about which I am very excited, thanks to the donations of just a few artists to the awards there will be an actual award this year. Not a certificate, but an award. As well once the process for these awards is complete, past recipients will be able to order their awards as well/ There will be no charge for the award of course. I will only ask for shipping and packaging costs, $5.00 to be covered. 
    Would be really great to get some feedback for the artists on these subjects. Hope to hear from you!!! As reported on the PITA website, ballots for the Film Arts Awards were lost in the recent programs crash. So those awards will run again in the next award round later this year. Also at the request of many voters and SWS members the Music awards will be annual. So the 2010 PITA Music Awards will begin nominations in October of 2010.  Again congrats to all nominees!
Hugs around,
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