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"Go, Yo, Go!" -


robert urban
producer - "I Wanna Know"/HOUSE OF JOY

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Congratulations to the artists of the OutVoice June 2010 Top Ten Song Chart!
Chart online at www.outvoice.net. 
1. Levi Kreis    "Nothing At All"*   CD-"Where I Belong"
2. Shawn Thomas   "Out In This World '09 Remix"*   CD-"Revisited Vol 2"
3. SUGARBEACH     "Living Out Proud"*     CD-"Not Deserted"
4. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes     "I Wanna Know"*   CD-"House Of Joy"
5. Norine Braun    "Climb The Mountain"*     CD-"Acoustically Inclined" 
6. Tom Goss    "You Don't Question Love"*    CD-"Politics Of Love"
7. Toni Vere    "Wonder Why I'm Here?" *    CD-"Just To Be" 
8. Dan Manjovi     "Everybody's Got An Agenda" *     "Woke Up This Morning"
9. Tret Fure     "The Horizon"    CD-"The Horizon"
10. Diana Di Gioia     "A Woman Is The Only Man For Me"*    CD- "Out Late" 
For those who saw the "lightening strike" post on the OutVoice list.  So far just the power supply and modem were lost. Modem is used for interviews only. So if you are waiting to schedule a show/interview hope to have that corrected by end of week. Oh the lightening strike was on the transformer outside our house. Causing a power surge. Just explaining that lightening did not actually strike my pc. Thanks for all the emails, will be answering each later today or tomorrow.
Hugs around, 
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