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Marching through 4 decades of Pride and London's Gay Liberation Front;
The UK's top court orders asylum for two gay refugees, DOMA is doubly
denounced by a US federal court, the Governor's veto vanquishes Hawai'i
civil unions, a gay Anglican cleric is crossed by Canterbury
complications, a Presbyterian USA confab splits decisions on ordination
and marriage, Iceland's lesbian PM takes a bride, and more global news
- In "NewsWrap": The U.K. Supreme Court orders asylum for a gay Iranian and a gay Cameroonian, overturning an appeals court ruling that said the men would not be persecuted in their home countries if they concealed their sexual orientation... the U.S. District Court in Boston rules in two cases, one brought by lesbigay couples legally married in Massachusetts and the other by the state's Attorney General, that a key section of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, violates both the 5th and 10th amendments to the U.S. Constitution... Hawai'i's Republican Governor Linda Lingle vetoes a civil unions bill that would have given same-gender couples virtually all the rights of marriage in the state except the name... openly gay partnered-but-celibate cleric Jeffrey John is blocked for the second time from becoming a Church of England bishop, while the annual meeting of the Presbyterian Church USA recommends the ordination of non-celibate gays but decides that blessing legally married same-gender couples requires further study... Iceland's openly lesbian Prime Minister Johanna Siguroardottir marries her longtime partner on the first day that the nation's new marriage equality law comes into force... and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by MICHAEL LEBEAU and RICK WATTS).
- Pride has been busting out all over LONDON this season, as it has since 1971. One guy who's been there for nearly all of the celebrations is veteran activist and Pink Singers member PHILIP RESCORLA. He shared some stories about the early years of the GAY LIBERATION FRONT and London Pride's evolution with ROSIE WILBY on her Resonance-FM "Out in South London" radio show (with intro music from "Glad To Be Gay" by THE TOM ROBINSON BAND, a "TWO" ID by SIR IAN McKELLEN, and concluding with "Hand in Hand", the "signature song" of THE PINK SINGERS, London's lesbian and gay chorus, recorded in live performance with GLORIA, Dublin's lesbian and gay choir).
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