[OutVoice] What day of the week is it?

Ian Gibson home at iangibson.net
Fri Jan 29 09:51:15 EST 2010

Hey, it's Friday in case you haven't noticed ...


If you feel so inclined you can saunter over to amazon.com to download my
new track "Synchronized", http://amzn.com/B0034YSD3K in the United States
and http://tinyurl.com/ian-amazon-uk in the UK.


Also, if some kind soul could tell me if my track comes up on iTunes in the
United States then I'd be really grateful. I know it is appearing in Canada
& Europe, but am not sure about the U.S. I'm not convinced it's actually
been available in the U.S. prior to Amazon.


... but since it's Friday, if you'd rather go down the pub I'll fully
understand ... Mine's a Fruli. I'll be with you after my circuit training


Thanks for all the messages so far,


Ian x

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