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Mon Jan 11 16:10:02 EST 2010

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(produced and hosted this week by Greg Gordon)
Homophobic harassment sparks classroom liberation;
A gay Elvis may get his fans all shook up;
Bigots howl over U.S. transgender rights;
Portugal prepares for marriage equality, but New South Wales rejects
adoption rights, New Jersey nixes same-gender matrimony, a Honduran gay
advocate is murdered, police harass Georgian activists, and more news

- In "NewsWrap": Lawmakers in Portugal approve marriage equalitylegislation – but specifically omit adoption rights – while thegovernment of the Australian state of New South Wales ignores advicethat opening adoptions to same-gender couples would "ensure the bestinterests of children," and the New Jersey Senate rejects a marriageequality bill... gay Honduran activist Walter Tróchez is brutallyassassinated in Tegucigalpa, while police raid the Tbilisi-based LGBTrights group Inclusive Foundation in the nation of Georgia... and moreLGBT news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON, and reportedthis week by RICK WATTS and LINDA BIRCH).

- U.S. transgenders made news this week, and no one reported it better than MSNBC's RACHEL MADDOW [www.msnbc.com].

- Elvis Presley would have been 75 years old on January 8th. "This WayOut" commentator JANET MASON gets "All Shook Up" over a maybe gay – orat least not entirely straight – metaphysical interpretation of theKing of Rock 'n' Roll in her review of "ADVANCED ELVIS COURSE" by queersurrealist poet CA CONRAD [Soft Skull Press] (with intro/outro musicfrom "All Shook Up" by ELVIS PRESLEY).

- We reported last year on the firestorm in the U.S. state of MINNESOTAover the homophobic harassment by two teachers of theirperceived-to-be-gay-but-isn't student Alex Merritt, which led to alawsuit against and an out-of-court settlement by the Anoka-HennepinSchool District. As has so often happened in queer history – and AnitaBryant's 1977 crusade against gay rights may be the most obvioustemplate – attacks on sexual minorities often lead to increasedactivism, and eventual advances in the fight for LGBT rights. "This WayOut" correspondents DIXIE TREICHEL and JOHN TOWNSEND [from "FreshFruit" on KFAI-FM/Minneapolis-St. Paul] spoke recently with safeschools activists ADAM FAIRBANKS and KATRINA PLOTZ about the latest"cause and effect" example [www.glsen.org].
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