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Susan is a friend and one of the most wonderful people I know. You may know 
 her from Goldenrod, a well-known women's music distribution company. She's 
also  been a presence at the Folk Alliance conference, women's music 
festivals and  other events. If you can help her, please read on. Thanks.
Jamie  Anderson, writer and musician
creative - quick - sensible shoes
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Many of you  know Susan Frazier: as the manager of Goldenrod Music in 
Lansing, MI; from her  work at Women’s Music Festivals; from the Folk Alliance; 
from her many years at  the YWCA; or her lifetime involvement in Girl Scouts 
(and if you know her from  GS, you likely know her as boots).
Some of you  are aware that Susan was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia 
(AML) this past  September.  This cancer of the bone marrow/blood causes 
the rapid growth of  abnormal blood cells that interfere with the production 
of normal blood  cells.  Susan’s only symptoms were a lack of energy and 
excessive  bruising.
She began  treatment at Ingham Regional Medical Center in Lansing 
immediately following her  diagnosis.  She has now completed five rounds of 
chemotherapy in an effort  to destroy the abnormal blood cells and bone marrow and 
keep her in remission  for as long as possible.
The treatment  for leukemia includes the deliberate destruction of the 
white blood cells, the  body’s primary defense against infection, which has 
resulted in several scary  battles with opportunistic bugs and many weeks of 
hospitalization – including  spending the winter holidays in intensive care.
Her best hope  for long-term survival is a bone marrow transplant.  Testing 
has determined  that her only sister is not a match and Susan is now 
waiting for a match to be  found among the generous individuals who have joined 
the bone marrow  registry.
When a match  has been found, the transplant procedure will take place at 
the University of  Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor, MI, and will involve 
a minimum of four to  six weeks of hospitalization, followed by treatments 
and traveling between  Lansing and Ann Arbor twice a week for at least a 
year.  While Susan is  hoping that her recovery will happen much faster, the 
doctors at U of M have  told her to plan on not being able to work for a year 
post  transplant.
Both the  transplant procedure and the recovery time will involve many 
expenses not  covered by insurance that Susan must find a way to pay.
Many people  have already asked how they can help during this difficult 
time and we have put  together some ideas
1)    A bank account is being set up in Susan’s name  to which donations 
can be mailed directly.  We will share the address and  account number as soon 
as it is available.  You can email _SusanFsFriends at aol.com_ 
(mailto:SusanFsFriends at aol.com)  to receive the  account information.  Donations are not 
tax deductible.
2)    You can attend one of the fund raisers being  organized for Susan’s 
benefit.  To be informed of these events, please  email 
_SusanFsFriends at aol.com_ (mailto:SusanFsFriends at aol.com)  
3)     You can organize a fund raiser of your  own in your area.  Perhaps 
you could host a dinner in your home, or  approach a group you belong to.
4)    You can join the National Bone Marrow  Registry.  For more 
information, or to find a bone marrow registry drive  near you, visit _www.marrow.org_ 
(http://www.marrow.org/) . 
5)    If you, or someone you know, is pregnant  encourage her to donate the 
umbilical cord blood at the time of birth - labor  and delivery are not 
affected. No blood is taken from your baby, only from the  umbilical cord 
itself after your baby is born.  This invaluable blood is  routinely discarded 
after birth. You can obtain more information at _www.marrow.org_ 
(http://www.marrow.org/) .
6)    Send your good wishes and cards to Susan at _sfbootshealth at aol.com_ 
(mailto:sfbootshealth at aol.com) .
7)    Continue to hold Susan in your thoughts and  prayers, send her 
healing energy, light candles – whatever you are moved to  do.
For more  information about Leukemia, visit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 
web site  at _www.lls.org_ (http://www.lls.org/) .

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