[OutVoice] Odetta question - et al

themusenyc at aol.com themusenyc at aol.com
Thu Aug 5 21:06:53 EDT 2010

Hey gang -
I don't know very much about Odetta.

Would anyone be able to recommend one or more Odetta songs -
hopefully from 1950s era - 
whose lyrics are particularly in-scope to African-American issues in a
social consciousness way - whether negative or positive/sad or happy -
that speak or contribute to the forward movement of African Americans throughout the decades.

Additionally - if anyone knows of any similar songs done by Ethel Waters in the 30s-40s era.
Or for that matter, any such songs by black musical artists of the 1930s-40s era.

I already have on my list STRANGE FRUIT and 1920s songs such as

(What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue? – Louis Armstrong
The Weary Blues – Langston Hughes
Troubles So Hard - VERA HALL.

thanks so much

robert urban


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