[OutVoice] #1 Billboard Sensation Jason Walker Releases New Album "Leave It All Behind"

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Tue Aug 3 10:42:30 EDT 2010


[For immediate release – New York, NY] #1 Billboard Sensation JASON WALKER
is ready for more and proves it on his new album entitled “Leave It All
Behind.” Opening track “I Am Changing” says it all.  This album is
something very special and very different from any Jason Walker album
released thus far.  Upon hearing the lyrics “this is my time, this is my
song,” fans not only realize that Walker is indeed changing, but is
bringing them closer to his heart and soul.  Track two and title track
“Leave It All Behind” is everything hardcore dance fans expect and love to
hear. The album “Leave It All Behind,” releasing on iTunes Tuesday, August
24th 2010, is a collection of songs not limited by one genre, embracing
pop, acoustic, gospel, rock, digital and dance.  The one thing these
recordings have in common is Walker’s unmistakable and incomparable vocal
range.  As result of collaborations with artists Rami Ramirez, The Good
Villians and Chris Rodriguez, this album brings fans many sides of the
artist and man that is Jason Walker.

“I have never been one to be kept into a box.  I was raised on more than
one type of music and I can sing more than one type of music,” Jason
explains.  I wanted to give people more than one side of me, as there are
many.  The past two years have been a time of self-discovery…a time where I
felt I matured and ripened.  It’s time to spread my wings.”

Discovered by Dance Legend Junior Vasquez, Walker pours many personal
lessons, experiences and emotions into these new tracks like he has never
done before.  A few highlighted tracks are very special to Jason. The
mentioned “Leave It All Behind” is about all the bumps in the road that
life brings, facing them, and moving forward.  “It all comes down to
leaving your eyes on the prize,” Jason says of the title track.  “The Song
In My Heart” is about loving, letting go and every emotion in between.  “No
bells and whistles here, a singer and a song, raw…something we lost today
and I wanted to bring that back,” Jason excitedly explains.  Finally, the
song “I Love You” is at its core, the story of Jason’s parents, sung
through the eyes of his father.  It chronicles their life from the time
they were married until their children were grown.  “I was thinking about
my folks and how much I missed them since I left my hometown of Pittsburgh.
I thought about my life and the sacrifices they have made and still make
for me and my sister.”

Growing up in a Pittsburgh, PA home that was often filled with disco and
Motown music, Jason started singing at the age of 4 and quickly realized
that he knew how to carry a tune, at the awe of his family.  After a stint
wanting to focus on Ornithology (the study of birds), music quickly took
over Jason’s life.  He sang in his high school and church choirs, performed
in local competitions and was even offered a deal on Motown Records fresh
out of graduation.  Growing into his own voice and becoming close with
Producer Chico, Jason began performing in clubs and eventually winning on
the popular TV show “It’s Showtime At The Apollo.”  This was the catalyst
in moving to New York City and working with Junior Vasquez.

As they say, all else is history as Jason Walker took NYC and the music
industry by storm.  After two hit albums (“This Is My Life,” “Flexible”)
released on Junior Vasquez Music, which spawned two #1 Billboard Dance
singles (“Set It Free,” “Foolish Mind Games”) and a whopping six Top 10
hits, Jason toured both the US and Europe.  Walker also racked up IDMA,
OUTmusic, Just Circuit nominations, released club hit “Can’t Stop” with DJ
Quentin Harris and earned a #1 video on MTV’s LOGO Channel with his song “I
Can’t Get You Off My Mind.”  Today, when asked what his number one
accomplishment has been, Jason Walker says simply, “the music I am writing
and have been writing.”  Jason is keeping his eyes on the prize.

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