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Hey gang - below are 3 indie GLBT-related films of interest that were screened this weekend at the NYC CHASHAM FILM FESTIVAL. "Unravelling Michelle" is hands down the best trans-topic film I've ever seen - I would highly recommend this film as a positive inspiration for all LGBT people. Filmmaker Joe/Michelle, who, as a professional filmmaker in real life, had the unique ability to film his own entire coming out/transitioning process - with footage covering years of his life.  And throughout all the hurdles (and as one can imagine there are lots...) remains upbeat, hopeful, and completely at one with his coming out and transitioning.  - this woman is a true mensch! Her uplifting/gentle/honest/courageous personality carries the entire documentary.  

CENSORIOUS - Censorious! is a funny, provocative, feminist view of the culture wars narrated by artists who fought public battles against the censors. Raising issues of representation, race, sexuality and politics, artists such as Holly Hughes, Renee Cox, Carolee Schneemann, Martha Wilson and others reveal both the personal and professional costs of their battles and the relationship of their work to the larger women’s movement and American culture. Excerpts from banned art works by Karen Finley, Annie Sprinkle, Carol Leigh, Howardena Pindell, Deep Dish TV and many others punctuate the documentary.

UNRAVELLING MICHELLE - This courageous documentary presents a year and a half in the life of a well-respected East Coast filmmaker – formerly known as Joe O’Ferrell – as he begins to make the transition into the person he has an undying need to fully become – a woman named Michelle Ann Farrelll. To most of the people in his life, Joe is an all-around ‘guy’s guy’ living out a professional dream of running two videography businesses as well as an independent film production company – a dream which would have once been unimaginable for Joe. After early success in his life as a national roller hockey champion, Joe tragically turned to a life mired in drugs, dealing and using hard-core narcotics on the streets of Baltimore. Reaching the depths of despair as a strung-out heroin addict, Joe finally got clean, turned his life completely around, and found a calling as a filmmaker. Despite his miraculous turnaround, Joe continued struggling privately with his lifelong discomfort in being male. And after eight years clean from drugs and alcohol, Joe faces the most challenging realization of his life; if he ever wants to feel complete, he needs to take the plunge and re-introduce himself to everyone he knows as Michelle.With everything in his life at stake, Joe/Michelle audaciously takes his/her crew of young filmmakers along for the ride as he/she undergoes two facial feminization surgeries and boldly comes out as Michelle to those around him/her -with surprisingly unexpected consequences. ‘Unraveling Michelle’ is a film that’s uplifting and inspiring to anyone who is someone – or knows someone – who struggles with simply surviving in their own skin.

THE DEVIL WITHIN - (cartoon) When Mary signed up her new house mate Jessica, she had no idea that she would be living with the spawn of the Devil! Overwhelmed with disgust, Mary explodes into a religious rant to save her new housemate from the eternal flames of Hell. Whether you wear pants, listen to rock and roll music, enjoy a vagetarian lifestyle, support the choice of abortion, have sex before marriage or are homosexual, beware the wrath of Mary. Your only salvation is to repent, to feel the loving touch of God as he gropes your soul clean of all things evil…to be just like Mary. The ‘Devil Within’ is a beautifully twisted tale that leave you feeling good about everything bad.

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