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Some of you know Alix Dobkin as a pioneer in women's music, coming out with 
 the first full-length all-women's album in the early 70's. Her book is now 
out.  Thought some of you would be interested. Here's the announcement she 
sent to her  mailing list:
At the April, 1993 National Lesbian Conference in  Atlanta, GA, I announced 
to an auditorium filled with Lesbians that I would be  taking time off the 
road to begin my memoirs.  Many misinterpreted this as  a retirement 
announcement, which it certainly wasn't, because three months  later I went back on 
the road.  For sixteen years I continued to write , then edit, moved from 
Woodstock to  Oakland and back, became a grandmother, and, at long last, MY 
RED BLOOD is done and  published by Alyson Books.    

Along the way, I have received heaps & mobs of support  from many of you; 
everything from careful editing,  suggestions, & criticism to general 
interest & encouragement,  all of which made a huge difference, inspired me, & kept 
me slogging  forward.  Now, of course, I'll be  back on the road with the 
book & may even be stopping near you.  I  hope so!  
You can check my website, _alixdobkin.com_ (http://www.alixdobkin.com/)  
and see where I'm bound.  
So, of course I hope you get your hands on a copy  of MY RED BLOOD: A 
Memoir of Growing Up Communist,  Coming Onto the Greenwich Village Folk Scene, 
and Coming Out in the  Feminist Movement, read, & love it.   Here's a synopsis 
 followed by a link to Alyson with lots more info.  
Again, I'm grateful for your support & wish you a Happy  New Year & a 
terrific autumn.
MY RED BLOOD: A Memoir of Growing Up  Communist, Coming Onto the Greenwich 
Village Folk Scene, and Coming Out in  the Feminist Movement 

In her  pre-Lesbian memoir, Alix Dobkin writes of the 1940s when she 
watches Jane  Powell at Radio City Music Hall, Jackie Robinson at Ebbets 
Field, and meets  Paul Robeson in her Communist parent's kitchen.  As a 
teenager, Alix  responds to the anti-communism of the 1950s by joining 
the Party and touring  the Soviet Union.  She sees Rock 'n' Roll co-opt 
Rhythm & Blues and  lands in Greenwich Village just in time to be part of 
the folk music  scene.  She befriends Bob Dylan and becomes his "favorite 
white female  singer" before he meets Joan Baez.  Tours in the south and 
mid-west, a  wild LSD trip, marriage, and a baby, is followed by 
consciousness-raising  and feminism, which leads to coming out, writing 
Lesbian songs and  pioneering Women's Music.

- Jamie
Jamie  Anderson, writer and musician
creative - quick - sensible shoes
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