[OutVoice] Thousands march for LGBT equality in D.C. + other global LGBT news

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Mon Oct 12 13:25:55 EDT 2009

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D.C. National Equality Marchers say "don't ask, don't wait";
An Australian rights charter could include marriage, the U.S. is poised
to outlaw anti-LGBT hate crimes, a meeting in Minsk targets Belarus
homophobia, Joberg Pride breaks continental records, a Montana co-mom
wins post-break-up parental rights, a Swedish rabbit hole leads
lesbians through an Aussie looking glass, and more global LGBT news

- In "NewsWrap": Australia's National Human Rights Consultation Committee recommends a federal bill of rights that could guarantee marriage equality... an LGBT-inclusive hate crimes bill passes in the U.S. House, with Senate approval imminently expected, while President Barack Obama appoints openly gay lawyer David Heubner as U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa... a record crowd celebrates Pride in Johannesburg, while Belarus LGBT activists and their supporters meet in Minsk for a historic conference... the Montana state Supreme Court rules that a lesbian deserves to continue parenting the children she raised with her now-estranged partner... a haven for lesbians in Sweden is an Internet hoax, but Australia's Alice Springs is for real... and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON, and reported by JENN MAHONEY and CHRIS WILSON)

- Lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people and their supporters took to the streets of WASHINGTON, DC by the thousands for the NATIONAL EQUALITY MARCH on October 11th. They brought one fundamental demand with them as they passed the White House on their way to the steps of the Capitol: "Equal protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states. Now."  President Barack Obama has promised to significantly advance LGBT civil rights by the end of his anticipated second term, and he reiterated those intentions – with all the passionate eloquence of his previous pledges – at the Human Rights Campaign's gala annual dinner the night before the march. The sense that progressive action is necessary to turn Obama's progressive rhetoric into substantive change was one reason for a demonstration aimed at the federal government, as March Co-Chair CLEVE JONES told CNN's ANDERSON COOPER earlier in the week. This Way Out's CHRISTOPHER GAAL heard many reasons to march from some of the people who filled the streets of Washington for the event, including tennis legend MARTINA NAVRATILOVA. When they arrived at the end of their trek, they were greeted by This Way Out's RICK WATTS, who served as rally announcer on the main stage. Rick introduced longtime San Diego gay activist NICOLE MURRAY RAMIREZ, as well as a sing-along with bi U.K. recording artist BILLIE MYERS and "out" U.S. jazz saxophonist DAVE KOZ. Civil rights pioneer and NAACP Chairman JULIAN BOND20gave the keynote address. 
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