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Mon Jun 29 15:30:09 EDT 2009

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"THIS WAY OUT: the international lesbian & gay radio magazine
Program #1,109 - distributed 6/29/09
(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
The further adventures of "Fierce Advocate" Barack Obama;
Irish activists are unimpressed by their Government's civil
partnerships proposal, Lithuania's president dumps "no promo homo" law
on his successor, Pride marches without a hitch in Mexico City, Tijuana and Jerusalem, and more global LGBT news;
plus cycles, sex, and southern soul shake up the "Audiofile"

- In "NewsWrap": Ireland's Government publishes a civil partnerships bill that falls short of marriage equality...  Lithuania's president vetoes the recently-passed "no promo homo law"... Pride marches on in Mexico City, Tijuana and Jerusalem... a predominantly-queer New York City synagogue discovers that ugly homophobia can sometimes pay... and more LGBT news from around the world  (written by GREG GORDON, with thanks to REX WOCKNER with BILL KELLEY and FERGAL O'DOHERTY, and reported this week by LEIGH MOORE and MICHELE PLEASANT).

- U.S. President Barack Obama remained under fire this week over his slow progress on fulfilling his queer-related campaign promises.  In early June his Justice Department filed an offensively worded defense of the equality-denying Defense of Marriage Act – or DOMA – in a federal lawsuit.  Obama has seemingly been in "damage con
trol" ever since.  His ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER did urge a Senate committee this week to advance the Matthew Shepard Act, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to existing federal hate crime laws.  "Free Speech Radio News" reporter JES BURNS has comments by Holder, along with Alabama Republican Senator JEFF SESSIONS and New York Senate Democrat CHUCK SCHUMER (www.fsrn.org).  Meanwhile, the Washington, D.C.-based CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS has issued a report called "ENDING 'DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL': PRACTICAL STEPS TO REPEAL THE BAN ON OPENLY GAY MEN AND WOMEN IN THE U.S. MILITARY" (www.americanprogress.org).  One of its authors and a Senior Fellow at the Center, LAWRENCE J. KORB, served as an Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, and is a longtime critic of the ban.  He discussed their findings during a media teleconference on June 24th, from which we have excerpts (plus a little Lovin' Spoonful).

- Piano ballads (excerpts from "Home" and "Over You" from SKOTT FREEDMAN's latest CD "THE COTTAGE SESSIONS"), pop punk ("Average Men" and "What's In It For Me" from PANSY DIVISION's "THAT'S SO GAY"), and gospel rock ("Gonna Be Alright" and "Stained Glass Window" from LEVI KREIS' "WHERE I BELONG") are featured in this month's "AUDIOFILE" (with comments by the artists, hosted by JD DOYLE & CHRIS WILSON, and written and produced with CHRISTOPHER DAVID TRENTHAM).
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