[OutVoice] What "Pride" Means - Playlsit for Unashamed Faith Cafe on Qnation.fm 06-21-09

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Sun Jun 21 21:39:51 EDT 2009

We are celebrating what “Pride” means on The Ministry of UFC.

Unashamed Faith Cafe with your host Arizzona can be heard on

http://qnation.fm Sundays 8-9pm EST. Replay Saturday 12-1pm EST.

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Once again Pride season is upon us: Part of our pride is to be able

to celebrate our faith without the shame. GLBT pride basically has

three concepts: be proud of your gender identity, that diversity is a

gift and that pride is an affirmation of who we are as an individual

and a community.

It may not be so important that we find a universal definition as to

what GLBT Pride means but rather that all of us can openly embrace

our spiritual journey and the feelings of grace and love about being

who we are.

This is the playlist for Unashamed Faith Cafe for Sunday 06-21-09

Connie Hanten - O Magnify The Lord

introspotWeAreAngels – Roger Anthony Mapes/Robert Urban

Roger Anthony Mapes - We Are Angels

Danny Riddle - If Jesus Comes Tonight

John Raymond Pollard - Equality

Brian Littrell - In Christ Alone

Josh Zuckerman - Got Love

Nick Granato - Everybody Has A Heart

Shawn Thomas - The Human Part of Me

Morry Campbell - Walking On Water

Rev. Delores P. Berry - God's Got The Whole World

Cheryl A. Bragg - Rain Down Holy Spirit  http://www.whosoevermusic.com


Shawn Thomas - The Christ In You

Levi Kreis - It Is Well With My Soul

Terry Christopher - Braking The Cycle

If you’d like your music played on my radio program or have a project

you would like promoted please contact me at


Have a wonderful week and Pride season!



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