[OutVoice] The Prop 8 ruling: protests abound, legal strategies collide, and the way forward...

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Demonstrations abound!  Legal strategies collide!  The married stay
married while the rights of the rest are revoked!  All in the wake of
the California Supreme Court's decision to uphold Proposition 8.
Hear comprehensive coverage of the ruling, reactions,
and the way forward...

- In "NewsWrap":  In this abbreviated edition, a 6-to-1 vote announced on May 26th by the California Supreme Court upholds Proposition 8, the ballot measure approved by 52 percent of the state's voters last November that revoked the high court's May 2008 marriage equality ruling: details from the majority opinion and the lone dissent, reports on protest demonstrations across the state and in other U.S. cities; and briefs about the appointment of an openly gay minister by the Church of Scotland, the election of its first openly lesbian bishop by the Church of Sweden, and updates on Nevada's domestic partnership legislation and the marriage equality bill in New Hampshire (written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by CHRIS WILSON and PAM MARSHALL).

- From mid-June of 2008 until Election Day in November, wedding bells rang out aplenty across CALIFORNIA for same-gender couples.  A ruling by the state Supreme Court had found marriage=2
0discrimination to be unconstitutional.  Then the voters passed PROPOSITION 8 by a narrow margin, and the wedding bells were silenced.  Now that same court has issued another decision on the issue – a mixed blessing at best for marriage equality supporters.  PACIFICA RADIO's California Evening News had extensive coverage of the ruling and reactions to it on the so-called "Day of Decision," May 26th, 2009 (anchored by MARK MERICLE and JOHN HAMILTON, with reports by CHRISTOPHER MARTINEZ in San Francisco, SEAN HAMILTON in Sacramento, and DAN FRITZ in Los Angeles).

- The day after the California Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Proposition 8 was announced, two high-profile attorneys announced their filing of a lawsuit in U.S. District Court challenging the validity of the measure on federal constitutional grounds.  THEODORE OLSON and DAVID BOIES, who opposed each other in the infamous U.S. Supreme Court Bush v Gore election challenge in 2000, say they expect their lawsuit to eventually be heard by that same court (with excerpts from the attorneys' remarks at the press conference).

- "MEET IN THE MIDDLE," drawing thousands from around the state to FRESNO, the conservative heart of central California, was pre-planned for the first Saturday after the California Supreme Court announcement to either celebrate or protest the Proposition 8 ruling.  DENNIS HART reported live from the rally outside City Hall for San Francisco’s KCBS News Radio (with outro music from JUDY SMALL's "Never Turning Back," with20thanks to JD DOYLE).
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