[OutVoice] Review: "A Lullaby for Ryan: The History of HIV/AIDS in America"

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Thu Dec 17 06:14:27 EST 2009

“A LULLABY FOR  RYAN: The History of HIV/AIDS in America” 
December 14,  2009 
Solo theatre artist  Jade Esteban Estrada in the solo musical comedy “A 
Lullaby for Ryan: The History  of HIV/AIDS in America” – Photo by JASON  
Read it  online: 
San  Antonio's own Jade Esteban Estrada has staged his  one-man show that 
spans over twenty years of the history of AIDS in  America. A daunting task, 
one might  think, especially in a rather short production. I defer to 
Shakespeare, who  wrote "Brevity is the soul of wit". 

Each of  Estrada's historical archetypes are so beautifully played, turns 
tragic, comic  and hopeful. Mess hopes that y'all will catch this show next 
time it plays  locally, as Estrada has been touring the nation with it and 
his other on-going  projects. Not only is it powerful in the theatrical sense, 
it also has a  profound educational component - and that component is 
weaved seamlessly into  the show. There's no hard hitting "message," and let me 
quote Samuel Goldwyn on  "messages" in entertainment - "Messages are for 
Western  Union". 

Estrada truly  shines. Ryan would be proud.  
_ (http://www.getjaded.com/) 

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