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"Out, loud, and proud SA  performance artist Jade Esteban Estrada is used 
to turning heads. Most recently,  he appeared in a pink feather boa to 
introduce Richard Lewis at the newly opened  Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club. Estrada 
has written a solo musical comedy in  observance of World AIDS Week entitled, 
A Lullaby for Ryan: The History of  HIV/AIDS in America. In the play, 
Estrada channels characters such as Rock  Hudson, Miss Protease Inhibitor 1996, “
Boobs” (AKA the Bubonic Plague), and a  mother of three named LaShonda to 
illustrate courageous and poignant stories of  triumph." 
- San Antonio  Current 
The Rose Theatre and getjaded.com in observance of  World AIDS Week proudly 
A LULLABY FOR RYAN: The History of HIV/AIDS in America 
A solo musical comedy written and  performed by Jade Esteban Estrada 
Additional musical arrangements by  Frank Marasco, Jr.  
Solo theatre artist Jade Esteban  Estrada (pictured above) who plays Bill 
McPhil, a 54-year-old HIV-positive gay  cowboy sings "Bareback.com" in his 
self-penned solo musical comedy "A Lullaby  for Ryan: The History of HIV/AIDS 
in America" has been called “one of the finest  solo theatre artists of the 
21st century,” by Minneapolis-St. Paul  Magazine. Photo by JASON 
8:00 p.m. 
December 10,  2009 
Tickets $15

The  Rose  Theatre   
11838 Wurzbach  Road @ Lockhill Selma   
2nd Level of the  Elms  Shopping  Center 
San  Antonio,  TEXAS 
Reservations/information:  210-360-0004 or email 
_therosetheatreco at yahoo.com_ (mailto:therosetheatreco at yahoo.com)  
Running time: 65 minutes with no  intermission 
Ages 13 and up 

Additional performances in  Albuquerque, Omaha and Lincoln

Meet Boobs AKA the Bubonic Plague, Jimmy,  a real estate agent in New York 
City in 1981, Rock Hudson, Miss Protease  Inhibitor 1996, Bill McPhil, a 
53-year-old HIV-positive cowboy and LaShonda, an  African-American mother of 
three in Chicago’s Southside as they chronicle the  last quarter century of 
the AIDS epidemic in the United States with stories of  courage, strength and 
human triumph. Lavender Magazine named Estrada the Best  Touring Production 
of 2008. 
“The show is ingenious,  exceptionally intelligent and consistently 
engaging. Jade’s talent and passion  for his calling are obvious the minute he 
walks on stage. This show is highly  recommended,” raves Cindy Boyd of the More 
Life Festival of Fort Worth,  Texas. 
Award-winning singer/comedian Jade  Esteban Estrada has appeared on “30 Rock
” (NBC), “The Graham Norton Effect”  (Comedy Central) and was the host of 
the 19th Annual South Florida  GLAAD Media Awards (Bravo). The Advocate 
calls him “exquisite.” He tours his 13  solo shows internationally. Visit 
_www.getjaded.com_ (http://www.getjaded.com/)  or click him as a friend on  
Facebook or Twitter. 
See a clip of “A Lullaby for Ryan:  The History of HIV/AIDS in America” on 

“Without a doubt, the BEST entertainment dollars I spent this  year!” 
Dewey  Davis-Thompson 
Tampa Bay Gazette 
"Jade is  the real McCoy. He performs with exquisite skill, versatility and 
aplomb.  Bravo!" 
Professor Owen G.  Mordaunt, Ph.D. 
University of Nebraska - Omaha  
School of Communication 

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