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Mon Apr 27 06:49:09 CDT 2009

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"THIS WAY OUT: the international lesbian & gay radio magazine
Program #1,100 - distributed 4/27/09
(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Love, ambition and equality sing out in the "Audiofile";
It took a Village to liberate "The Queen of Lesbian Pulp Fiction";
A Senegal appeals court frees imprisoned gay AIDS educators, 
queer-bashing murders belie Brazil's mythic liberation, pressure mounts 
to protect Iraqi gays, Kiev cops detain and harass dozens in a gay bar 
raid, Dublin demonstrates for marriage equality, and more LGBT news

- In "NewsWrap": An appeals court overturns the 8-year sentences of 9 
imprisoned gay Senegalese AIDS educators... Brazil's Grupo Gay da Bahia 
demands government action to curb the rising tide of queer-bashing 
murders there, and the world media spotlight intensifies on the 
governments of Iraq and the U.S. over escalating murders of gay men in 
the American-occupied country, while dozens of patrons at a popular gay 
nightspot in the Ukraine suffer detention and abuse by Kiev police... 
up to a thousand demonstrators in Dublin protest the Irish government's 
pending "inferior" civil partnerships bill, while same-gender partners 
and trans-people experience legislative ups and downs in the U.S. 
states of Connecticut, Nevada, New Hampshire, Maryland and 
Washington... and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG 
GORDON, with thanks to REX WOCKNER with BILL KELLEY, and reported this 

- Last time on "This Way Out" we heard how conventional 1950s American 
housewife Ann Weldy overcame her husband's concerns when she achieved 
success as a lesbian paperback romance novelist.  She became famous as 
ANN BANNON... and ultimately came out herself.  Starting with "ODD GIRL 
OUT," Bannon wrote six lesbian-themed novels from 1957 to 1962 that 
became known as "THE BEEBO BRINKER CHRONICLES."  Our correspondent 
STEVE PRIDE's conversation with the iconic author concludes this week 
as Bannon describes Beebo's birth, recalls life in New York's Greenwich 
Village during that era, and responds to being dubbed "the Queen of 
Lesbian Pulp Fiction" (with intro/outro music from "Secret Love" by 
DORIS DAY)[www.annbannon.com].

- Romance (excerpts from "Take Me On" and "Forty Years" from TOM GOSS' 
"BACK TO LOVE"), seduction ("LYLAS" and "Swimming" from GRETCHEN 
PHILLIPS' "I WAS JUST COMFORTING HER"), and commitment ("Courage of Our 
Convictions" and "I'd Do 'Em All" from JULE CLARK's "CHANGE YOUR MIND") 
shine as we open this month's "AUDIOFILE"  (hosted by CHRIS WILSON & JD 
DOYLE and written and produced with CHRISTOPHER DAVID TRENTHAM) 
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