[OutVoice] Introduction of "ARP"-- on Unashamed Faith Cafe on Qnation.fm 04-05-09

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Sun Apr 5 20:19:38 CDT 2009

Peace of Christ to you all!

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This weeks message introduces us all to The Ministry of Aaron’s
Rainbow Project.

Shawn Thomas also teaches workshops on liturgical dance. Liturgical
dance--is dance or gestures used within worship for the glory of God.
It is intended to add depth and dimension to the spoken word, sung or
instrumental music within any setting of worship.  I start doing
Liturgical dance at a very young age on my own, long before I had any
concept of what I was doing or what Liturgical means.

I asked Shawn Thomas to tell us about his ministry--The Ministry of
Aaron’s Rainbow Project or ‘ARP’, and In his own words he said:

"Hey this is Shawn Thomas and you're listening to Unashamed Faith
Cafe on the Qnation.fm.  I want to take just a moment to share a
little bit about The Ministry of Aaron's Rainbow Project or 'ARP'.
This Ministry began over 10 years ago and is not only the host for me
as an 'Out' Christian artist, but also serves churches and
organizations to help build and revision music programs including
every thing from concerts, to music resources, multi-media, and
video, workshops on liturgical dance and even learning to read
music.  For further information on The Ministry of ARP, please visit
aaronsrainbowproject.com."  http://www.aaronsrainbowproject.com

This is the playlist for Unashamed Faith Cafe for Sunday 04-05-09

Calvin Newton - Hide Thou Me
All Angels - Songbird
Shawn Thomas - Mathew 6:9-13
Brian Sirchio - As God Sees You
Pamala Stanley - What A Wonderful World
ARPpsa – The Ministry of Aaron’s Rainbow Project
Marsha Stevens - The Solid Rock
Judith Hanlon - A Church's Baptism Song
Matthew Temple - After Dark
Joel Evan - Hitori de (As One)
Jen Foster - Amen
Roger Kuhn - Cradle Me (With Love)
Morry Campbell - you conquered
Dan Manjovi - Little Red Car
Terry Christopher - Take My Hand
Robert Anton - Believe

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