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Terry Christopher enterrytainer at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 29 19:27:12 EDT 2009

Hey LGBT Music Makers,
I wanted to make everyone aware of the amazing OUTSinger-Songwriter article in the current issue of Instinct Magazine featuring a great overview of visible OUTartists featuring artists you and I know by name, are our neighbors on the same LGBT radio play lists, some I know casually and some I consider comrades/friends in this music life of ours.  

I have always said that there is a chair at this music banquet for each and everyone one of us OUTartist.  We all know that at the heart of this matter is that WE ARE ALL artist who are part of the LGBT community.  It is because of each of us and our musical contributions as visible LGBT artists, however, that we are turning the tide on being silenced and ignored by an industry whose beliefs held that there wasn't an audience for us in which we could be ourselves.   We are gaining ground and momentum in this movement of music equality that is going to one day (not there yet) be of equal visibility and equal footing in a music industry and on the worlds stages where we will be able to be OURSELVES and sing OUR songs to an audience we are collectively, through these efforts, building song by song, CD by CD, gig by gig, city by city and it will be ON OUR TERMS.  
People get ready.....
As we head into Pride Season, sing your songs, share your musical offerings, and know that we are in this world exactly where each of us belongs.  We are the foot soldiers of this movement one artist at a time.  The arts have always been at the forefront of social change, and we are doing this right now, my Brothers In Arms and Sister Soldiers.  
Keep your heads up, keep the music humming, and continue at whatever level of visibility or success you have...be it local, regional or national to stay in the rhythm of this evolution.  Each of us counts.  Each of us is vital.  
There is a chair for each of us at this musical banquet.  

Congrats to the artists mentioned or featured in the Instinct Magazine article.
Keep On Keepin' On....
In Music,
Terry Christopher

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