[OutVoice] "You Are Here Lord" - Playlist for Unashamed Faith Cafe on Qnation.fm 04-26-06

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Sun Apr 26 21:30:13 EDT 2009

Unashamed Faith Cafe with your host Arizzona can be heard on
http://qnation.fm Sundays 8-9pm EST.  Replay Saturday 12-1pm EST.

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This weeks message comes from a Shawn Thomas’s song and video “You
Are Here Lord.” It is one of those songs that lets us know that the
Lord is here, there and everywhere. This song (the first single) can
be found on his wonderful praise/worship CD “Worship & Desperation.”
It is one of those fun CDs with spiritual messages, that gets us up
and moving to the beat of the Lord.

Unashamed Faith Cafe and I are please to let you all know that Shawn
Thomas’s brilliant toe-tapping and new video for his single “You Are
Here Lord” is currently the premiere video on http://www.theqtube.com
Please check it out.

This is the playlist for Unashamed Faith Cafe for Sunday 04-26-09

Roger Anthony Mapes - We Are Angels - http://rogeranthonymapes.com
Nick Granato - Rhythm Of Life - http://nickgranato.com/
Christian Andreason - All The Time
Bryan Sirchio - Dream God's Dream - http://www.sirchio.com/
ARPpsa  - The Ministry of ARP - http://www.aaronsrainbowproject.com
Shawn Thomas - You Are Here Lord - http://www.shawnthomasonline.com
Catherine Benskin - In God Alone- http://www.catherinebenskin.com/
Judith Hanlon - I Know the Plans - http://cdbaby.com/cd/judithhanlon
Marsha Stevens - We Have Joy - http://www.balmministries.net/
Robert Urban - Don't Ask, Don't Tell - http://www.roberturban.com/
Terry Christopher - Elevation - http://www.terrychristopher.com
Morry Campbell - black & white - http://morrycampbell.com/
Dan Manjovi - (There is) No Wall Between Us http://www.danmanjovi.com
Levi Kreis - Prayer For The Surrender - http://www.levikreis.com
Roger Kuhn - Proof - http://www.worldofrogerkuhn.com/
The Open Door Praise Team – Jesus I Love You

To have your music played on my radio programme “Unashamed Faith
Cafe” or to be considered for the Message Segment, please contact me
Arizzona at http://qnation.fm/contact_us/arizzona.php

Remember: The Lord is here, there and everywheres.


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