[OutVoice] Thank you Outvoice Artists

arenamusic arenamusic at aol.com
Sun Apr 26 11:38:11 EDT 2009

Id like to extend a great big thank you hug to the following artists for generously contributing their CDs to my auction basket for the Renaissance City Choir here in Pittsburgh. I think this is quite an impressive lineup of music. A wonderful variety that reflects our community.

If you still wish to contribute , there is time. I need to have everything ready by May 10.

But contact me if you would still like to send me a CD for this.

Here's a toast to karma folks. 

 Patrick Arena

Ari Gold- 

Rachel Sage- 

John Raymond Pollard-

Robert Anton-

Terry Christopher-

Frank Grimaldi-


Lisa Hindmarsh- 

Patrick Arena-

Jay Spears-

Lipstick Conspiracy-

Tommy Johns-

Sandy Rapp-

Tom Carlilse-

Woobiebear Music

Danny Riddle -

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