[OutVoice] Beebo Brinker's "mom" + a proud Aussie eunuch + global LGBT news

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"THIS WAY OUT: the international lesbian & gay radio magazine
Program #1,099 - distributed 4/20/09
(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
The U.S. pulp pioneer who launched modern lesbian literature;
A proud Australian eunuch challenges gender assumptions;
Jamaicans blast a U.S.-born boycott, rights groups demand Iraqi
government action as anti-gay killings escalate, a Day of Silence tries
to hush homo-hatred, partner benefits expand in Washington and
Maryland, and more global LGBT news

- In "NewsWrap": Jamaica's leading LGBT advocacy group expresses 
concern over boycotts against their homophobic country launched by some 
gay activists in New York City and San Francisco... posters in Sadr 
City listing alleged homosexuals by name and targeting them for death 
underscore escalating violence against gay people in Iraq, where dozens 
have already reportedly been murdered, but the government has thus far 
failed to respond to appeals by Amnesty International and the 
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission to take action to 
stop the brutality... the 13th annual National Day of Silence on the 
campuses of thousands of U.S. middle schools, high schools and colleges 
to protest harassment and cruelty against students perceived to be 
LGBT... Washington's legislature expands its 2007 domestic partnersh
law to give same-gender couples all the state rights of marriage, and 
Maryland's legislature approves a bill to exempt registered gay and 
lesbian domestic partners from state inheritance tax when property 
changes hands – each of which has their governor's support – but Nevada 
Governor Jim Gibbons vows to veto a just-introduced measure to grant 
some marriage-like rights to his state's same-gender couples... and 
more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON, and 
reported this week by DONNA-ANN WARD and CHRISTOPHER GAAL).

- NORRIE MAY WELLBY refuses to do something most people take for 
granted.  She refuses to be categorized as either male or female.  Born 
a boy, Norrie grew up feeing more feminine.  As a youth she dressed in 
women's clothes, and identified as more female than male.  The Sydney, 
Australia-based iconoclast now proudly calls herself a eunuch.  
Reporter DHEERA SUJAN of Radio Netherlands (with transmittal thanks to 
Eric Beauchemin) chats with Norrie about how she's stayed true to 
herself in an often hazardous world.

- ANN BANNON is the pen name of Ann Weldy, an American author who wrote 
six lesbian pulp fiction novels from 1957 to 1962 known as THE BEEBO 
BRINKER CHRONICLES.  The books' enduring popularity and impact on 
lesbian identity has earned her the title "Queen of Lesbian Pulp 
Fiction".  She chats with our STEVE PRIDE about being a "June Cleaver" 
housewife with
 a secret life as a lesbian icon – long before she came 
out herself (the first of a special 2-part feature interview, with an 
outro tag and tease for next week's conclusion).
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