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I thought some of you would be interested in this. I don't know anything  
more about it than what's listed below. If you have questions, please contact 
 the producer, not me.
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Hello  All:

I am writing to tell you about a new CD project planned for  September 
release, give you info about how to submit songs for the project, and  encourage 
you to forward this to songwriters who have written and recorded songs  
that might work for the CD.

This project was inspired by the book "Voices  of Vets" -- a brief overview 
of it appears here (click on the link):


I  was given this book by one of the veterans involved with the project. 
The goal  was to help young veterans deal with the aftermath of combat and 
serving in  wartime. I'm sure many of you have heard about the high number of 
veteran  suicides, that hundreds of thousands of our vets are suffering from 
brain trauma  and post-traumatic stress disorders, and that the toll on them 
and their  families is enormous.

The goal of this book-- and the CD I want to  produce-- is to give voice to 
that pain and struggle in a way that we hope will  help veterans to heal 
and understand that they are not alone. It is also  important to raise 
awareness among the general population so that we make an  effort to "welcome home" 
the veterans after their war service, no matter what we  think about the 
war(s) itself.

I want to make it clear that I am not  looking for songs that point the 
blame too heavily on Bush/Cheney; while there  will be a political "angle" to 
the CD, we need to avoid pushing buttons or  triggers in veterans who might 
hear this CD, and as I'm sure you understand,  many of them do not share our 
views on Bush/Cheney or the wars. That is why  songs that pay tribute to our 
veterans, acknowledge their pain and sacrifice, or  even songs that use 
humor or speak of the future are more in keeping with the  project's goals than 
songs that explicitly point the finger at Bush, et al. or  simply condemn 
war. Songs may be of any style, i.e., instrumentals, spoken word,  etc. are 

There are three ways you can send me material, but  please respect my 
request that you send me no more than three songs by any one  artist, as it is 
unlikely that any artist will have more than one song on the CD  (besides the 

In order or preference, this is how I  would like to receive your materials.

Online/Electronic  Submission:

1. If you are submitting only one song electronically, first  send me 
lyrics via email:
_georgemann at att.geo_ (mailto:georgemann at att.net) 

(in the  body of the email, not as an attachment) with info about 
yourself/website, etc.  

Then, if you are sending me only one song, once I have responded to your  
email and lyrics submission, you may send me an MP3-- No .wav files, no MP3s  
over 5 megabytes please!

2. If your song(s) are available online for free  MP3 download, send me a 
link when you submit the lyrics and I will download the  song(s) from your 
link within 3 days time.

Hard Copy CD/CDR by  Mail:

3. If you wish to send me a hard copy of the song on CD/CDR, or if  you are 
sending multiple songs, mail the CD, lyric sheet and bio info  to:

George Mann, PO Box 697, New York, NY 10033.

A final word on  the songs. While it is always preferable that you submit a 
"finished mix" of  your song, submitting an interim mix or demo is okay, so 
long as you and I can  agree that a "finished" mix can be produced by July 
31. And as always, please  understand that I will be receiving dozens of 
songs, probably more than 100 in  all, by the end of this. 

Your songs must be original in lyric and music.  No "parodies" will be 
considered unless the original work is public domain or  permission of the 
author/publisher has been granted.

There is no need to  rush this material to me. Deadline for submissions in 
June 30, 2009 and the  planned release date is September 1.

Thanks for spreading word of this  project and I look forward to hearing 
the songs!

-George  Mann

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